10 Baby Names Inspired By Barbecue Season

I love this time of year. The windows are open, you can hear the birds, smell the grass, and the shining sun is amazing. I am happy to have a baby on the way and that just makes this time so much sweeter. While I gestate, I like to find new inspirations for baby names and it turns out, those inspirations are all around us—even in what we see and smell.

Another common smell this time of year is all the neighbors’ barbecue dinners. I love the smell of a burger cooking and the spices and herbs that are being used to make the perfect steak. While I was sitting here taking in that lovely aroma, I realized there are a lot of fun baby names that can be inspired by the barbecue season. If you are like me and this is one of your most favorite times of year, if you love those smells coming through your window, you may find some inspiration there for your baby-to-be.

Here are 10 baby names inspired by the BBQ season:

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    There is baby name inspiration everywhere, you just need to look for it. 

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  • Colby 2 of 11

    When I think of a barbecue, my mind immediately goes to well-grilled bacon cheeseburgers with Colby cheese. It's a great taste and makes a wonderful name for a little boy too. It's not a name that is too "out-there," but it's unique enough for those who don't like the super-popular names. Baby Center has it ranked in the U.S at spot number #341 in 2012.

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  • Coleman 3 of 11

    Who knew you could find name inspiration from products and brand names? You can! This name is inspired by the barbecue brand, it's trendy, and it has a really good ring to it. It translates to "charcoal burner" according to Baby Center making it perfect for the fiery child in your life. 

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  • Therma 4 of 11

     When I think about barbecues I think about heat and a baby name that comes to mind is Therma. Not only is it a stand-alone cute name, but inspired by the thermometer, it's adorable and unique. It's not common, but it has a great ring to it that would make a wonderful name for a little girl. 

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  • Cole 5 of 11

    Let's say you don't really dig the name Coleman, well maybe you can shorten it. It's higher on the popularity list in the U.S according to Baby Center sitting at spot #102. It's inspired by charcoal which is so BBQ!

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  • Chuck 6 of 11

     If you're a big fan of steak, perhaps this is the name choice for you. Inspired by a cut of steak itself, Chuck is actually a form of Charles and you can go either way when you name your baby. Chuck sits at #998 in 2012 for U.S popularity according to Baby Center.

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  • Ember 7 of 11

    So pretty! I love this choice for a little girl. Ember, meaning spark according to BabyNames, is perfectly inspired by heat of the summer and traditional barbecue dinners. It's unique and pretty, but it's not going to make any of the  "what were you thinking?!" baby name lists. 

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  • Rosemary 8 of 11

    One of the must-have herbs on hand for when you're grilling on the BBQ, it also makes an adorable name for a girl. Rosemary, which translates to "dew of the sea," is a great smelling herb and baby name that ranks #603 in U.S popularity according to Baby Center

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  • Memphis 9 of 11

    When I think of barbecue, I think of Memphis—a place known for its amazing BBQ'd food. It also happens to be a great name for a little boy. According to BabyNames, Memphis was ranked at #720 in the USA during 2012, which means that it is another name that strikes a nice between unique and unusual.

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  • Olive 10 of 11

    You can't have good barbecue food without olive oil. The oil-of-choice for its health properties, Olive is also a name that's rising in popularity and inspired by the summer season. In 2008 it ranked #813 in the USA and it was up to #386 in 2012 according to Baby Center

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  • Pepper 11 of 11

    Pepper is such a cute name for a girl and it's also an important ingredient in any barbecue cook-out. (Do you think that it's become more popular since the Iron Man films, which include a character named Pepper Potts?) Over 132 people have given their child this name according to the Baby Center database for 2013.

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