10 Baby Photos to Get You Excited About Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I felt very disconnected. I knew that I was carrying a baby — clearly by my misshapen body and moving insides — but I couldn’t really grasp what was about to happen. I was stressed. Fearful. Unsure of absolutely everything.

And then I’d catch a glimpse of an adorable baby photo, imagine my baby laying in his newly set-up crib, daydream about the smiles and the coos. And in those moments it all made sense. I was sure.

So if you’re feeling a little freaked out about your pregnancy or just tired of the aches and pains, take a look at these 10 baby photos that will remind you why it will all be worth it:

  • The Sweet Bonding Moments 1 of 10
    The Sweet Bonding Moments
  • The Best Feeling in the World 2 of 10
    The Best Feeling in the World
  • The Little Personalities 3 of 10
    The Little Personalities
  • Even the Cries Look Adorable 4 of 10
    Even the Cries Look Adorable
  • See? It Can Happen 5 of 10
    See? It Can Happen
  • Just Relaxing 6 of 10
    Just Relaxing
  • A Sneak Peek 7 of 10
    A Sneak Peek
  • Genuine Laughter 8 of 10
    Genuine Laughter
  • Halloween is Coming! 9 of 10
    Halloween is Coming!
  • Baby Feet. Nothing Cuter. 10 of 10
    Baby Feet. Nothing Cuter.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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