10 Baby Shower Finishing Details (That Make a Difference!)

The baby shower biggies are obvious: cake, seating, food, venue/household, favors, etc. — but what about those little finishing details? The little added elements that really pull an entire party together?

These are actually some of the most fun party planning elements to think about. From straws to centerpieces to cake stands, these are the details that really pull a party together. The details that pop in photographs and keep guests talking.

Here are 10 of my favorite finishing details for your baby shower:


  • Straw flags 1 of 10
    Straw flags
    You can find tons of options on Etsy.
  • Unique centerpieces 2 of 10
    Unique centerpieces
    Choosing something out of the ordinary can really make your shower stand out.
  • Pretty Banner 3 of 10
    Pretty Banner
    A beautiful way to remember the day.
  • Cake Flags 4 of 10
    Cake Flags
    Love this stork version!
  • Place Cards 5 of 10
    Place Cards
    A little something pretty at their seats.
  • Cake Bunting 6 of 10
    Cake Bunting
    It's a classic party idea for a reason.
  • Pom Poms 7 of 10
    Pom Poms
    Are you sick of pom poms? I'm not!
  • Pinwheels 8 of 10
    Pinwheels are a popular party theme lately, and I especially love the idea for baby showers.
  • Shower Garland 9 of 10
    Shower Garland
    It'll take some time to make, but it definitely has a dramatic effect on a room.
  • Stand-Out Cake Stand 10 of 10
    Stand-Out Cake Stand
    This cake stand is handmade on Etsy, but you can find pretty ones in local stores as well.

1. Straw flags via Etsy; 2. Centerpieces via Martha Sewart; 3. Banner via Etsy; 4. Cake flags via Etsy; 5. Placeholder via Etsy; 6. Bunting via Etsy; 7. Pom Poms via Etsy; 8. Pinwheels via Etsy; 9. Garland via Sara’s Perfect Party; 10. Cake stand via Etsy

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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