10 Benefits of an Unexpected Pregnancy

My pregnancy with my oldest daughter was completely unexpected. My husband and I had been married for a little over a year and planned on having kids, but we had wanted to wait a little bit to enjoy our time as newlyweds. We were taking all of the necessary precautions to not get pregnant (I was on the birth control pill) and figured when we felt the time was right for us, we would start trying for a baby.

Little did we know that that time would come a lot sooner than we thought. In September of 2009, just a few days short of our second wedding anniversary, we welcomed our first daughter into the world. We knew we always wanted more kids and started actively trying once our oldest was nearing 2 years old. We were very blessed to get pregnant right away and have our second little girl nine months later.

I come from a family with four kids, so I wanted to have more, and didn’t feel “done” yet, but I knew that it wasn’t the right time for us. After all, raising two little kids in New York City has its challenges, and I wasn’t ready to add to that just yet. I figured when the girls were in school full time, my husband and I could start talking about adding another member to our family. Once again our plans were thrown out the window when we unexpectedly found out we were pregnant with our third child (again, despite being on birth control).

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article by Tracy Moore on Jezebel that so graciously pointed out the many advantages to having an unexpected pregnancy. I love that the author describes her pregnancy as “unexpected, not unwelcome.” Despite the emotional whirlwind you have when you find out you are pregnant at what seems to be the most inopportune time, an unexpected pregnancy also comes with some perks for your life and the lives of your family members.

Here, I’m sharing a few of my favorites from Moore, as well as some of my own.

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    Believe it or not, having an unexpected pregnancy has its perks. Here are just a handful!

  • You Finally Get Your House Clean 2 of 11

    A great benefit to being pregnant is the constant need to have everything clean and in its place. I started nesting really early this time around, and my apartment has never ever been cleaner. I voluntarily spent two hours cleaning my bathroom last week, and it made me so happy. 

  • Alone Time Becomes So Much More Valuable 3 of 11

    Having kids makes you value alone time more, but being pregnant makes it invaluable. It has really made me focus on myself, and what's best for me and the baby. 

  • You Will Finish All of Those Unfinished DIY Projects 4 of 11

    Nesting at its finest. This baby boy has made me feel the need to be crafty all the time. All of those projects I started awhile ago and never felt the need to finish are now finished, and I have taken on even more. Every single holiday that comes around has given me an excuse to decorate and make things. It's been so much fun. 

  • You Come to Enjoy the Little Things 5 of 11

    I have alone time with my youngest, Avery, for three hours each day. Before I found out I was pregnant, it was more of just a part of our daily routine and going through the motions. Now those three hours are really special because I know they are limited. We venture out more and explore the city. It's really a time for us to spend that quality time with just mom and daughter. 

  • You Get Out More 6 of 11

    All of these trips that we wanted to do now that the girls are a little bit older, we now have to do quickly. This pregnancy has forced us to get out and do the things we want that we can't do with a new baby around. The long road trips and adventures ice skating now mean so much more! 

  • Your Family Comes Closer Together 7 of 11

    One thing I've noticed during this pregnancy is that the girls have grown so much closer. I think they sense that there will be a new little person that we will welcome to our family soon and they have really used that to establish their relationship. It's so nice knowing that they will have each other when the new baby comes, and a lot of my attention will be on him.

  • It’s an Excuse to Revamp Your Wardrobe 8 of 11

    Who says a maternity wardrobe has to include only frumpy outfits? Because this is most likely my last pregnancy, I've made it a point to really look decent during it so that I feel better about myself. It's a great excuse to go shopping for clothes and flatter your growing belly! 

  • You Get Healthier Faster 9 of 11

    My body didn't bounce back as quickly as I had hoped after having Avery. I was already in a good workout routine when I found out I was pregnant, so this has just forced me even more to stay healthy and active. 

  • You Finally Have to Get Down and Talk About the Hard Stuff 10 of 11

    With this new guy on the way, it puts our future a little bit up in the air. We have no idea where we will be living next year. Will it be the suburbs or will we stay in the city? This baby has definitely forced us to sit down and talk about the real stuff that will impact our lives. It's some of the things that we have been avoiding and can't avoid any longer. It's tough. 

  • You Become a Planner 11 of 11

    This baby has made me realize that I need to keep an organized calendar to make sure all of my to-dos get done before he arrives. Nine months might seem like a long time at the very beginning, but it goes by so quickly. By putting down things on my calendar, I won't be rushing until the last minute to get things ready for our family and for him. 

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