10 Best Pregnancy/Birth Blogs of 2010

One thing I have noticed since joining the internet blogging community is… there are a ton of awesome pregnancy and childbirth related blogs out there. Everyone from midwives, to doulas have taken to the internet craze of blogging and sharing their amazingly helpful information. I truly believe that the internet has and will continue to change the way women can be educated about pregnancy.

During 2010, I have come across a lot of new blogs, been involved in the launching of some of these new projects, and watched as an outsider in some, and I really wanted to put a list together of my favorites, and the blogs I find to be most helpful for mothers, both new and veteran.

I hope that you will enjoy my list as much as I have enjoyed these blogs this year.

1. Giving Birth With Confidence – Powered by Lamaze, GBWC was launched mid 2010, and has some amazing writers. I was one of the original bloggers as well. Most are Lamaze educators, birth professionals, and some are just regular mothers like you and me, sharing their own stories about childbirth and the choices they faced. Some of the other writers include Judy Lothian who also authored the Lamaze Guide, and Amy Romano, a midwife and amazing writer who is local to myself. I highly suggest taking the time to read the blog!

2. International Cesarean Awareness Network Blog – Not only is ICAN (The International Cesarean Awareness Network) an amazing resource for mothers internationally, but they also have an amazing blog which features news releases, events, and great birth stories of strong women who sometimes defy all odds to give birth the way they want. They also provide statistics and education on birth after cesarean sections.

3. The Unnecesarean – While many blogs out there do not take the time to focus on the growing c-section rates and where they are coming from, this one does. It’s filled with news articles, statistics, studies and overall great information, and you cannot go wrong with this amazing group of women writing about one of the rising causes in America — something that all women of childbearing age in America should be concerned with.

4. My OB Said What? – While this site doesn’t have the resources that the above do, it showcases some of the things — good and bad — that providers say to pregnant women before, during and after labor. I highly suggest reading it and knowing what kind of providers are out there so that you can avoid some of these gems!

5. Birth Activist – Run by Robin Elise Weiss, an amazing childbirth educator and birth professional, along with a dozen like minded women, this website showcases the current events in childbirth. It offers studies, news releases and just personal stories and connections with the readers. I also wrote for this website this past year and love the women involved.

6. Dou-la-la – One of my favorites!  Lots of birth, breastfeeding, and just wholesome materials that comes from a popular doula who loves to add her personal touch. By far one of my favorites.

7. The Feminist Breeder – While I also nominated Gina for my top 10 pregnant women of 2010 list, she is an amazing resource to the childbirth community all over, including other countries. From being a childbirth educator and attending births as a doula, she is also an amazing outspoken advocate for VBAC and women’s rights during pregnancy and birth, which is something we do not see much of today.

8. Stand and Deliver – Just like all the above blogs, Stand and Deliver is just as awesome and has just as much great information out there. From childbirth to parenting in general, the amount of information that this mom with a Ph.D puts out there is worth its weight in gold!

9. Science and Sensibility – The title kind of says it all doesn’t it?  Also partly powered by Lamaze, this blog breaks down statistics and studies and helps to put everything in terms moms and the everyday person can understand.

10. Pushed Birth by Jennifer Block – The author of the popular childbirth book Pushed, Jennifer Block wows us day in and day out with her amazing stance and information on childbirth while blogging about the same information and current events as most of the other blogs. Her passion can be seen a mile away!  By far one of my favorites!

Most of the blogs mentioned today are not the mainstream blogs you see on large parenting websites like you do here on Babble, but I hope that this post helps a lot of readers broaden their blog-reading horizons to some great materials from these women!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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