The 10 Coolest Pregnancy Products from Etsy

Who doesn’t love Etsy? I know I do! I try to do all of my gift shopping from the site because it really is just that good. Hand made gifts bought directly from the artist? It doesn’t get much better than that in my book.

And Etsy’s coolest pregnancy products are down-right fantastic. It was tough for me to cut it down to the awesomest 10, but the ones selected here totally deserve the recognition. They are just SO COOL! 

  • The Coolest of the Cool 1 of 11
    Coolest Pregnancy Products

    Click through for the 10 coolest pregnancy products found on Etsy!

    Pictured here: Products from GreenChickens, flyingbirdbotanicals, and AndreaArch

  • Celebrate Your Inner Celebrity 2 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    Will and Kate who? Break the awesome news of your pregnancy with this hilarious announcement. Because let's face, you've always belonged on the cover of a magazine.

    Order yours from EverburgPhotography on Etsy for $12.99!

  • Watch Dog 3 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    Dogs are often our "first babies," and what better way to tell the world your pooch is graduating to guard dog than with this adorable sign?!

    Order yours from GreenChickens on Etsy for $18.95!

  • A New Food Chain 4 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    I'm loving this food-chain paper garland! What a great and fun way to keep track of your pregnancy by watching which "food" your Little One is each week! This could be super cute for a younger sibling to prepare for baby. 

    Order yours from AndreaArch on Etsy for $15!

  • Winning the Lotto 5 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    You've hit the jackpot with your pregnancy! Share the news with these surprising scratch offs.

    Order yours from FuzzyFeelings on Etsy for $4.99!

  • Grand Countdown 6 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    We mustn't forget about grandma! Make a big deal of her with this sweet grand countdown to the big day!

    Order yours from KotiBeth on Etsy for $22!

  • Bola Necklace 7 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    Bola necklaces have a chime inside that is said to soothe baby during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. This one is absolutely lovely!

    Order yours from DivineDecadance on Etsy for $35!

  • Birthing Stones 8 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    Peach moonstones have been used for years by midwives and doulas to assist with an easy childbirth. Here comes my inner hippie! The stones promote inner-strength and self-confidence, and help ease worry and anxiety. Pretty cool, right?

    Order yours from StandingLaurel on Etsy for $105!

  • Pregnancy Tea 9 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    I'm totally digging this pregnancy tea and the mama and baby teas this artisan shop offers! Fully organic and full of goodness.

    Order yours from flyingbirdbotanicals on Etsy for $9.75!

  • Belly Lotion Bar 10 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    No one wishes for stretch marks. But they are all too often a reality for pregnant mamas. Soothe your stretching belly and maybe even prevent scarring with these yummy lotion bars (no, you don't eat them). 

    Order yours from BlackberryRanch on Etsy for $5!

  • Therapy Pack 11 of 11
    Cool Pregnancy Products

    New Mom Survival Kit, yes please! These hot and cold therapy packs for back, neck, shoulders, and feet are heavenly.  

    Order yours from theferriswheels on Etsy for $34.95!

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