10 Cute Ways to Tell the Kids "We’re Expecting!"

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Image Source: Thinkstock

Here’s a fun, light-hearted post to finish your weekend!  Sure could use it after all the hot-button issues this weekend, huh? 🙂  Not to mention the “doomsday” that apparently didn’t come!  (Were you worried?)

When you’re expecting, one common question is — “How do we tell the kids?”  Here are some really cute ways to let the kids in on the big news!

1. Let them tell you — I don’t know what it is, but some kids seem to have a sixth sense about these things.  Several people I know (including myself) had their children announce to them, before they actually knew, “Mommy, there’s a baby in your tummy!”  Very cute, and totally solves the problem of when to tell, doesn’t it?

2. Take them to the first ultrasound — Let your kids see the first “picture” of the new baby!  If possible, share their own ultrasound photos with them and explain that they were that little once, too.

3. Take them to a regular doctor’s appointment…when you’ll hear the heartbeat — Have your children listen to the baby’s heartbeat and explain that it’s a new little person, coming to join the family!

4. Make a cake — Buy or make a cake shaped like a bootie or another familiar baby’s item, and say, “Guess who’s having a baby?”  Exciting news and cake!  (This works to tell kids the sex too…color the cake pink or blue, so when they cut into it they find out!)

5. Create a scrapbook — Put your positive pregnancy test and some “stories” about the new baby in it, then share it with your children.  Read it like it’s a book, to explain what’s going to happen.  If you have scrapbooks you made for them, share those too.

6. Buy a present — For example, give your child a “big sister” shirt…and explain that she’s going to be the big sister!

7. Show a movie — About a new baby coming home and how exciting it is.  Then tell your child that he’ll get to experience that, too!

8. Read a book — There are a lot of great books out there about how babies are made, or what it’s like when baby comes home.  Choose a book you find appropriate and read it to your child…explaining this is “coming soon!”

9. Paint your belly — This is for you really creative mamas.  Paint something like “Baby #x, coming ____ (due date)” and show it off to your kids!

10. Throw a “pre-birthday party” — Throw a small family party celebrating the baby-to-be, with the due date written on everything instead of a birthday or name!

How did you tell your kids you’re expecting?

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