10 "Dadchelor Party" Ideas for Baby Daddy

10 Dadchelor Party Ideas for Baby Daddy

Pregnant women get all the attention when they’re expecting — as they should. After all, we’re the ones whose bodies are busy growing another human being. We’re the ones whose clothes no longer fit, whose moods we no longer recognize, and who have to get this baby out of us one way or another at some point, hopefully after 9 months.

BUT, that’s not to say that your baby’s daddy doesn’t deserve some hoopla. After all, his life is about to change too. No more late nights with the fellas, no more sleeping in on Sundays, no more new-sneakers purchases every two months. So more and more, dads are getting their what-about-me time before the baby arrives with the emerging trend of Dadchelor parties. Much like a bachelor party, but without the strippers and Vegas, dadchelor parties are quite a bit calmer than their predecessors. And they might just be your man’s last chance to let loose for quite some time.

For those of you wondering (since our “baby daddy” is a sperm donor), Sara and I are considering a “mother shower” — but more of that on a later post!

After the jump, check out 10 Dadchelor Party Ideas, and tell me: Would you ever throw one for your baby’s daddy?

  • Sporting Event 1 of 10
    Sporting Event
    Have your fella hit up a professional sporting event with his guy friends.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Casino Getaway 2 of 10
    Casino Getaway
    Give him an allowance, and let him hit the slots or throw at the roulette table hey, maybe he'll win some cash for the baby!
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  • Fishing Trip 3 of 10
    Fishing Trip
    If your guy's a little more of a nature boy, why not consider a weekend fishing trip? He likely won't experience quiet like that for quite some time.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Racetrack Romp 4 of 10
    Racetrack Romp
    I don't know what it is about the track that so many guys love maybe it makes them feel rich, I don't know. But going to the track is a pleasant day trip out with some booze, betting, and excitement.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Camping Weekend 5 of 10
    Camping Weekend
    Keeping it on the less expensive side doesn't mean it can't be fun! Besides, camping is a great time for your man to hone in on his survival skills.
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  • Rafting Escapade 6 of 10
    Rafting Escapade
    Does your guy like to live a little more on the wild side? Then send him rafting. Chances are, he might calm his wild side a bit after the baby arrives.
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  • Concert Night 7 of 10
    Concert Night

    Live concerts are just about the last place you're going to bring your newborn, so the daddy-to-be might as well enjoy some loud, live music while he can.

    Photo via Flickr: Pedro Cambra

  • Golfing Trip 8 of 10
    Golfing Trip
    Another sport I don't care for (actually, I don't care for many), but guys seem to love golfing. Again, the quiet time away with his buddies will likely be one of the lasts for a while.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Beer Drinking & Chillin’ 9 of 10
    Beer Drinking & Chillin'
    Do guys do anything better than this? There's nothing wrong with your man having a dadchelor party at home, just hangin' with his buds and drinking some brews.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Keg & Diaper Party 10 of 10
    Keg & Diaper Party
    This idea is growing and growing. Many guys throw a keg and diapers party as a send-off to fatherhood. His friends come over, bring some packages of diapers, and kick the keg together. Trust me, you're going to be thankful for the diapers.
    Photo: iStockphoto

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