10 Easy Ways to Make a Pregnant Woman Angry

10 Easy Ways to Anger a Pregnant WomanI am now on my second cycle of Clomid and the biggest side effect I’ve been feeling from it are these out-of-character mood swings that, sometimes, make me feel like I am going crazy.

It is easier to annoy me — my fuse is so much shorter — and my husband has been feeling it as well. He’s been so understanding and has been doing his best to not get under my skin even when it’s so easy to do so.

I am looking forward to getting off this medication and just being pregnant. It’s been long enough for me and I am so ready for it. The thing is, I don’t think I will be any less short with people when I am pregnant. The hormones surges through my body, and it seems like some people are out to anger you.

If you are looking for trouble and want to annoy a pregnant woman, there are some simple ways to do so. Alternatively, if you want to stay on her good side — avoid doing these things.

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  • Eat the Last Piece 1 of 10
    Eat the Last Piece
    If you take the last piece of chocolate in the house you're sure to anger your pregnant friend. Especially so if you refuse to get more for her.
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  • Touch the Thermostat 2 of 10
    Touch the Thermostat
    When I am pregnant I am very picky about the room temperature. One quick and easy way to annoy a pregnant woman is to mess with the thermostat and make it too hot or too cold.
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  • Laugh at Her Walk 3 of 10
    Laugh at Her Walk
    If your pregnant friend is anything like me, they waddle a bit when they walk thanks to the big baby sitting on the hips. If you make fun of her walk, her waddle how she bends down to pick something up — watch out.
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  • Take Her to a Restaurant with Bad Seating 4 of 10
    Take Her to a Restaurant with Bad Seating
    If you're trying to be nice to a pregnant person in your life and take them out for dinner, make sure you don't go to a place with only booth seating — she won't fit and it will make her very angry.
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  • Steal Her Baby Name 5 of 10
    Steal Her Baby Name
    If your friend told you their baby's name for their not-yet-born child, don't steal that name... unless you really want to make her mad!
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  • Touch Her Stomach 6 of 10
    Touch Her Stomach
    No pregnant woman that I have ever known likes to be belly groped... don't do it!
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  • Make Fun of Her Baby Name 7 of 10
    Make Fun of Her Baby Name
    If a pregnant woman tells you what they will be naming their baby — you should not make fun of the name. Don't comment on how it sounds like a dog name or rhymes weird.
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  • Lie About Labor 8 of 10
    Lie About Labor
    Don't tell elaborate scary tales about someone you know who knows someone who is related to their cousin about how something nearly killed them. It would make me angry when I had someone who would fear monger me when it came to labor.
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  • Baby Here Yet? 9 of 10
    Baby Here Yet?
    Don't call every day or message your friend to ask if they've had the baby yet. This is especially annoying if the pregnant woman is not even 40 weeks yet.
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  • Comment on Her Size 10 of 10
    Comment on Her Size
    Any comment is annoying. Don't comment on if they're too big or too small or compare on what you looked like ... it's a quick and easy way to annoy someone!
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