10 Easy Ways to Feel More Beautiful During Pregnancy

There’s something so beautiful about a pregnant woman.

We see that when we look at others, but it’s often more challenging to see it in ourselves.

Many of us lose sight of ourselves during our pregnancies because we’re so focussed on preparing for our babies that we kind of get lost in the shuffle.

Add to that, swollen feet and hands, an aching back, and the many other discomforts of pregnancy, and it’s tough to feel beautiful, even though you truly are!

So, I’m here to give you a gentle nudge.

I’ve gathered up 10 simple ways to help you find your pretty again.

Try one or try them all. You deserve it!

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    Get comfy in the tub. There's something magical about the weightlessness of your pregnant body in the water. Click the link to learn how to make these bath bombs yourself.
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    Indulge in summer-scented body wash. The lovely scents of these shower gels will linger long after your shower, but will be subtle enough for your heightened sense of smell.
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    Try a simple, but pretty updo. Not only will you feel prettier with your hair in this simple updo, but with your hair up, you're bound to be much cooler. Click the link for a super-easy tutorial.
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    Have some photos done that highlight your belly. Sometimes what we see and what the camera sees are completely different. Find someone you're comfortable with and have them photograph the parts of your body that you're most proud of right now.
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    Accessorize with fun bracelets. A bright or fun bracelet is a great way to accessorize and draw attention from those parts of your body that you're less comfortable with. Click the link above to see how to make these fun summer bracelets.
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    Try a sugar scrub in the shower. Smooth and soft skin is simply beautiful. Take a jar of sugar scrub in the shower with you to slough away dry and rough spots. Click the link above to learn how to make this sugar scrub at home.
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    Have fun with a fun summer polish. Grab a pretty color and give yourself a pedicure. Or better yet, find someone else to do it for you!
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    Slip on a pretty dress. A silky summer dress that glides over your skin and accentuates your shoulders, neck, and arms is bound to make you feel beautiful.
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    Swipe on a pretty lip gloss. Nothing brightens the face like a bit of lipgloss. This is my favorite brand because it's easy to apply, isn't goopy, and can also be used as a cheek stain.
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    Get some extra beauty sleep. Lastly, if you can find a way to squeeze in just one extra hour of sleep each day, you'll undoubtedly look and feel more beautiful. It isn't called beauty sleep for nothing.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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