10 Essentials for Your New Baby

Grand Finale will be here before we know it. So Caroline picked up a few things for him.

My wife and I are in a weird spot. She’s pregnant with our fifth child and, simply put? Our family and friends are over it. Not over it, over it. Just over it. As in, no more baby showers. No more adulation. No more gifts. And we get that.

But we also get that we gave virtually all of our baby stuff away since, well, we weren’t planning on having another child. Hence our weird spot. Namely, that of having to buy all of the stuff we need for Grand Finale who will be with us in just 10 short weeks. And yesterday, Caroline got that process started with 10 essentials for our baby that she picked up at Babies R Us.

1. Chico Infant Car Seat Plus Base: The little fella will ride in style thanks to this number. Babies R Us offers it for $179.99

2. Car Seat Toys: Of course, a car seat is of little value without a few toys to keep junior engaged.

3. Additional Seat Base: Don’t be a rookie, y’all. Make sure you have an additional seat base so you don’t have to swap out the entire set up each time dad wants to take your baby out for a ride.

4. Baby Trend Snap and Go Stroller Frame: But you’re not always in the car, so you better make sure you have the stroller covered. The simplest and easiest derivation for us with the triplets proved to be the metal frame deal into which a car seat will simply snap. So we decided to go with such a set up again, only this time, all we need is a single! Hence the Baby Trend Snap and Go Stroller Frame for $74.99.

5. Pacifiers: Speaking of car rides, odds are they’ll be a whole lot quieter with a pacifier or two. I have a love-hate deal with “passies,” as we call them. Typically speaking, I think parents depend on them for too long. Regardless, they’re clearly a necessity, so Caroline made sure to pick up a couple.

6. Diapers: Ah yes. Diapers. I remember them well. Two of our three triplets still sleep in pull ups, but we hacn’t seen a diaper in quite sometime. Until now that is. Caroline stocked up. But she didn’t buy as many we had when we were preparing for the triplets. (Thank God!)

7. Baby Bjorn: Whether your all into Attachment Parenting, or simply like to multi task, a Baby Bjorn is a must. Caroline got ours for $129.99.

8. Graco Digital Monitor: If you’re not planning on co-sleeping, then a monitor will be a necessity. Though you’d think we’d have enough lying around the house, what with three 3-year-olds, we use every single one. So Caroline bought yet another for $89.99.

9. Fisher Price Swing: For some reason, I’m all about the baby swing. I love them. They’re like little infant metronomes, swaying your innocent one to a steady beat, thereby (usually) freeing up Mommy and Daddy for just long enough to unload the dishwasher or fold the laundry. $139.99.

10. Toiletries: Time to focus on the personal items. Caroline loaded up on body wash, alcohol swabs, cotton balls and baby wipes. And with many of our essentials now in hand and laying in wait in the appropriate places, we feel a lot more ready than we were just a few days ago.

Nope. No cribs. We’re good on that one. Same with boppy pillows and lovies / toys. Also all set on clothes, too. But those were 10 things that were on our essential list.

What’s on yours?

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