10 Essentials In My Hospital Bag

At almost 23 weeks, I’ve already got my hospital bag packed. Why? Because you can never be to prepared and with my history, I’m usually visiting the hospital many times before labor and delivery. Especially considering I just got home from the hospital. I realized, I needed to be more prepared since ┬álast week I wasn’t and my husband had to run in the house and quickly pack my bag for me. Bless his heart, he tried but I definitely wouldn’t have packed differently. So upon arriving home, I did just that – packed my hospital bag!

I am not going to lie, I am a serious over packer but here are my ten essentials that I just can’t live without when heading to the hospital! I repeat: can’t live without!

  • Hampton Holdall from Petunia Pickle Bottom 1 of 10
    Hampton Holdall from Petunia Pickle Bottom
    From the Spring 2012 collection, I am pretty obsessed with this diaper bag. I absolutely love the rich textures and all the pockets. I figured it would also work perfectly to hold all my essentials when I need to head to the hospital but will work for a diaper bag after.
    Get the bag now from Rosenberry Rooms
  • Annie + Isabel Hospital Gown 2 of 10
    Annie + Isabel Hospital Gown
    I just can't be without my Annie + Isabel hospital gowns. I've been a fan for years, for SO many reasons! They are stylish, chic and are sure to a smile on your face even when it comes down to go time! Last time I went into labor I rocked their zebra Susan gown and loved it! This time, I am obsessing over the Evelyn gown and can't wait to put it on! Strange right? I can't wait to get into a hospital gown? But, I just love their gowns THAT much. Oh, and they have pockets! Pretty awesome right?
    Get the must-have hospital gown from Annie + Isabel
  • Headbands 3 of 10
    Don't you love how your hair automatically goes to crap in the hospital bed? No matter how hard you try, you can expect it to be a matted mess. My go-to tip: wear a headband! It instantly makes you look a little more put together and it's also an added bonus in after delivery pictures. My fave? I love a flower! Don't forget extra hair ties too!
    Browse Banner Boutique
  • Maxi Dress 4 of 10
    Maxi Dress
    A maxi dress + cardigan is the perfect outfit to go home in because it's stylish yet comfy for just after birth. It can be an easy style and you won't need to change when you get home.
    Find cute ones from Nordstrom
  • Bring Your Own Linens 5 of 10
    Bring Your Own Linens
    My own pillow + blanket is a must. It just makes you feel a little bit more at home and is great for the hospital stay too. I always bring extras for my husband as well. Sometimes the hospital bedding is just a little to crunchy. I love bringing something cozy considering the hospital is always like a freezer - so cold! You may want to consider bringing your own towels too.
    My favorite throw from Little Giraffe
  • The Belly Bandit 6 of 10
    The Belly Bandit
    I can't get it on quick enough! Along with my Mother Tuck It tank as well! Gotta get working on that after-baby flab as soon as possible + these 2 are my BFF's and immediately start shrinking my stomach and working miracles.
    Get the Belly Bandit + Mother Tuck It tank from Belly Bandit
  • Lip Balm 7 of 10
    Lip Balm
    It is a must! Always nice to dab on a little color too! My favorite is Korres Lip Butter because no matter what, my lips somehow always end up chapped during labor + delivery. It's a great new mom essential too!
    Buy Korres Lip Butter from Sephora
  • Boppy Pillow 8 of 10
    Boppy Pillow
    The perfect little prop for taking those first pictures. Oh, and of course if you are breast feeding, your first days are essential and this will make things easier on both of you. Don't forget a good nursing bra + tank as well!
    Buy it from Boppy
  • Slippers 9 of 10
    Because those free hospital socks just don't cut it! And with all that goes on down there after delivery, you will be making many trips back and fourth to the bathroom. Love these Betsey Johnson ones that I scored for only $17!
    Buy them now from Nordstrom
  • Lounging Around 10 of 10
    Lounging Around
    If you don't like staying in hospital gown, even though I don't mind lounging in my Annie + Isabel gown you should pack back up. Some people don't realize you CAN wear your own clothes after delivery. I know I didn't even think to bring my own comfy clothes to lounge around in when I had my first girl. But, if you plan on having visitors, you may want to put on some yoga pants.
    My favorite yoga pants are from Lulu Lemon

Of course this doesn’t include toiletries, cell phone charger, snacks, my camera + all that good stuff! See what I’ve packed for my unborn here.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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