10 Fantastic Postpartum Swimsuits

The weather here in New England finally, finally, FINALLY turned warm this week. It was sunny and 75 degrees one day and my kids started begging to wear shorts and sandals. I was caught off-guard by it all because I haven’t started my¬†seasonal¬†clothing migration yet.

But what really hit me was the realization that I’m going to have my baby in June and I’ll have the whole summer ahead of me in my postpartum body. This isn’t my first time at the rodeo…I know what’s in store for me. I’m going to spend July and August with a major, floppy belly pooch. I plan to be comfy this summer in stretchy skirts and nursing tanks. And I’m not going to push myself to get back in shape right away like some crazed celebrity so I can look good in my bikini…but I also want to be comfortable taking my kids to the local swimming beach and pool and my current swimsuit will not cover my postpartum belly, so it’s time to shop!

  • Let’s Get Beach Ready 1 of 12
    Paradise Beach

    Time to find a swimsuit that will make me feel awesome at the pool and beach this summer in my postpartum bod!

  • Asymmetrical Tank 2 of 12

    I love how think tank is extra loose in the midsection--perfect for the extra loose postpartum belly!

    Get this tank at J. Crew for $115

  • Ruched Tank 3 of 12

    This ruched tank could help hide the extra bulge in your midsection. Plus, it comes in a D-cup version to support your super-sized nursing chest!

    Get this swimsuit at J. Crew for $88

  • The Bandini 4 of 12
    3_athena suit

    This is one of my favorites! I love the loosesness around the torso and that it has detachable straps!

    Get this bandini top from swimspot for $61

  • Cover Those Jugs 5 of 12
    4_athena suit

    This suit as a lot going for it: the pattern distracts the eye from problem areas and the high neck allows for a more modest bustline so you aren't flashing everyone at the pool.

    Get this swimsuit at swimspot for $71

  • Patterns Are Good 6 of 12
    4a_athena suit

    Another variation on the tankini! This pattern screams "SUMMER!"

    Get this swimsuit top at swimspot for $59

  • Zig and Zag 7 of 12

    Stripes are really distracting, in a good way! Plus there is a whole affordable collection of mix and match tops and bottoms available.

    Get this top at Target for $18

  • New Item 8 of 12

    See? Look how cute! Similar top but with  bottom that gives slightly more coverage for the days you really aren't feeling like dealing with a bikini bottom.

    Get these bottoms at Target for $18

  • Swimdress 9 of 12
    6a_llbean dress

    I usually don't like swimdresses, but this one is adorable. I love polka dots!

    Get this suit at LL Bean for $84.95

  • Nursing Tankini 10 of 12
    7_nursing suit

    If you plan to breastfeed this summer then this top is perfect for those times you need to whip out a breast at the beach. The top allows easy access without you haveing to totally disrobe on top.

    Get this suit at Trendy Tummy Maternity for $69

  • Patterned Nursing Tankini 11 of 12
    8_amazon tankini

    I love the distracting pattern on this one and it has an elastic overtop to allow for easy nursing access.

    Get this tankini at Amazon for $49

  • Don’t Foget Your Coverup! 12 of 12

    This coverup is awesome. Lightwieght and provides enough coverage that you could stop at a store on your way home and not feel half naked. Plus, it unbuttons in case you need to nurse!

    Get this coverup at LL Bean for $39.95

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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