10 Fascinating Gifts You Can Have Made From Your Own Breast Milk

10 Fascinating Gifts You Can Have Made From Your Own Breast MilkOne of the biggest things that I’m looking forward to when I have a new baby is breastfeeding. I miss it. The bond and that down-time that it brings are so peaceful and it was an amazing 3 years of my last babe’s life. Given that I didn’t breastfeed long with my older two children, I was elated that my breastfeeding relationship with my youngest child went smoothly after the first 6 weeks and self-weaned at 3-years-old.

I hope that I’ll have another “easy” breastfeeding relationship with my next baby too. Since I know that we won’t be having any more babies after this next one, I am hoping to cherish every moment that I won’t be experiencing again — like breastfeeding.

I was browsing Etsy (my guilty pleasure) and came across a new line of items I had not seen before — items made from your own breast milk, everything from jewelry to soap. Totally custom made — you ship it frozen to them, they make your stuff. Fascinating, right?

Check out 5 products that you can purchase on Etsy made out of your own breast milk & check out 5 more on BabyCenter:

  • Preserve Keepsake Locket 1 of 5
    Preserve Keepsake Locket
    You can purchase this kit to make your own breast milk preserve and keep in this locket close to your heart.
    Buy one for yourself from Milk Mom Baby / Etsy, $22
  • Double Milk Hand Pendant 2 of 5
    Double Milk Hand Pendant
    Have your breast milk preserved and shaped into little hands, placed on a colored pendant.
    Buy one for yourself from MommyMilk® / Etsy, $77
  • Custom Mother’s Milk Soap 3 of 5
    Custom Mother's Milk Soap
    You ship your frozen breast milk and they ship it back in soap form. All natural and said to be great for everyone's skin.
    Buy one for yourself from TinRoofSoapCo / Etsy, $60
  • Breast Milk Bracelet 4 of 5
    Breast Milk Bracelet
    I think this one is particularly pretty. I love the light pink color and the custom name. The milk pendant is small, but there and you would likely be the only one who knew what it was made from.
    Buy one for yourself from hollyday27 / Etsy, $72
  • Lucky Penny Milk Pendant 5 of 5
    Lucky Penny Milk Pendant
    A bit of a good luck charm with some help from nature's "liquid gold".
    Buy one for yourself from hollyday27 / Etsy, $74

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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