10 Fun Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Fun Baby Shower Gift IdeasFinding a typical baby shower gift is easy. Buy a little something special that will make your pregnant friend remember your gift. Bring some smiles and laughter to the baby shower by buying an uncommon baby shower gift!

If you are a mom, you know… laughter is an essential to survive.

Check out 10 fun baby shower gift ideas after the jump…

10 fun baby shower gift ideas

1. Daddy’s Little Tax Deduction Onesie

tax deduction onesie

All that money spent on the sweet little baby, and so little in the big scheme of things is able to be written off. But don’t tell the new parents that. 🙂

2. Porn for New Moms

What says “honey, let’s do it!” more than a man taking care of a baby and letting mom rest? This book is full of hilarious pictures to spice up that new mom’s sex life.

3. iPoo’d Onesie

For the mom that’s an Apple lover. This darling little onesie is a reminder of what’s soon to be in the diaper. The iPoo’d onesie comes complete with iPod looking dial.

4. The PeePee TeePees

Perfect for the mom of a new little boy, because let’s face it – she’s BOUND to get shot with peepee!

5. Baby’s First Tattoo

This is one of my favorite shower gifts, especially if the parents are marked. It’s a hilarious take on the traditional baby’s memory book.

6. Babies Suck

If the new mom is crafty, why not a sweet little subversive crossstitch? If you are crafty – buy this and stitch it on a onesie. How special – a “homemade gift” of a Babies Suck onesie!

7. Condoms


What better way to say, “Hey! 1 kid is PLENTY for now!”, than a pack of condoms. JUST what a new mom would LOVE to open at her baby shower. (Yes, I’ve given condoms before, judge me if you must. Condoms in their wrappers on top of a gift are always fun!)

8. Babysitting Mama Wii Game

Not sure if the new mom is ready to be a new mom? Get her the Babysitting Mama Wii game. This game comes with a fake interactive baby and all!

9. Prenatal Belly Dancing DVD

Get that belly moving and grooving with this prenatal belly dancing DVD!

10. Everybody Poops

Well yes, everybody poops. A great kids book that makes for a fun bathroom book. This is a good introduction to the wonderful things new parents will get to teach their children.

What Are Your Favorite Fun Baby Shower Gifts?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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