10 Fun Things About Peeing Yourself

Let’s face it.  When you’re pregnant, sometimes you accidentally pee yourself a little.  Especially if you’re pregnant with your third, or fourth, or fifth baby….

Now, most of us wouldn’t exactly call it fun.  But, I’m betting we can find 10 rather amusing things to laugh about!  Since, you know…we’re going to do it anyway, so we might as well laugh. 🙂

1) You feel like a kid again

Remember those days?  Neither do I.  But I do remember my daughter peeing her pants (remember?  Um…it still happens sometimes!) and my niece.  Once my niece very solemnly told her mother, “I couldn’t help it.  It was the chocolate milk.”  See — funny!

2) It’s a good potty training lesson

A bunch of my pregnant friends are trying to potty train their kids right now.  Or, their kids are relatively newly potty trained (within the last 6 months).  And when they pee their pants a little (or, um, a lot) and have to go change, their kids frown at them.  “Mommy, you’re not supposed to pee in your pants.  You’re supposed to pee in the potty!”  Then later when they make it to the bathroom, they get a high five and “Good job, Mommy!”

3) It makes you run fast

Gotta get your exercise, right?  And there’s nothing like crap, I just peed a little! to get you moving fast, towards the nearest bathroom.

4) You might have just heard a great joke

Laughing makes you pee your pants, especially when pregnant.  So maybe you’ve peed because someone just told you a great joke!  They say laughter’s the best medicine….

5) It’s a great reminder to get on those kegels, or squats, or whatever exercises are supposed to stop this

Aren’t we supposed to be doing exercises to strengthen our pelvic floor muscles or something?  I don’t know about you, but I often forget I should.  Until I pee myself a little.  Then I go, oh yeah….

6) Your baby is alive and well!

Sometimes your baby has quiet days and you might start to wonder, everything okay in there?  But then baby jumps on your bladder or kicks you, and even though it makes you pee, you still have to smile.  Baby’s happy and healthy!

7) It’s an excuse to take a bath

You’re tired, you’re sore, and you’ve accidentally peed a little too much during the day.  You feel gross.  And so you say…”Honey, you watch the kids.  I’m taking a nice long bath!”  Ah…relaxation.

8) You can’t forget to take care of yourself

When you’re rushing around taking care of your kids, the laundry, the dishes, and so on, sometimes you fall to wayside.  Right?  And maybe when you’re not pregnant, you put off going to the bathroom a bit longer than you should because you’re so darn busy.  But if you pee yourself a little you have to go, right?  Your needs suddenly became a higher priority!

9) It’s an excuse to go shopping

I don’t like to do the laundry.  Not to say I don’t…because I have to.  But it is probably my least favorite chore.  And if I am going to pee my pants and have to change three times a day (or more, since I also get things spilled on me, sticky hands grabbing me, and so on), I’m going to need more pants.  I’m just not going to wash often enough to make sure I always have a clean pair.  So, shopping it is!

10) It prepares you for the “embarrassment” you’ll face in childbirth!

It might feel embarrassing to pee yourself.  Especially if it happens in public and you can’t go home and change right away.  You might feel like, you know, bodily functions are private and it’s kind of weird.  But, you know…especially if it’s your first baby, you better get ready, because it’s going to get a lot worse when it comes time for birth!  Everyone will see everything and trust me, you won’t even care at that point.  Might as well get used to it now and learn to laugh it off!

Do you accidentally pee yourself while pregnant?  What’s the funniest thing about it for you?

Top image by pumpkincat2010

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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