10 Getting Pregnant Myths – Debunked

I have had a fascination with all things fertility, conception and pregnancy for many years now — starting with my first bout of ‘baby fever.’ I have done a lot of reading, researching, and have come across some interesting theories when it comes to getting pregnant.

Turns out, there are some pretty widespread myths that surround how to get pregnant and how to not get pregnant. It’s surprising with how many of these have become common knowledge for our teens and even young adults. Many of these common ideas are in fact big myths that may lead to unwanted and unprepared pregnancies.

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You can’t get pregnant if ….

  • … it’s your first time. 1 of 10
    ... it's your first time.
    Truth: Any time you have sex, you have a chance for getting pregnant. First time or 200th time.
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  • … you’re on your period. 2 of 10
    ... you're on your period.
    Truth: While it doesn't happen often, it can happen - especially if you have an irregular cycle.
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  • … he pulls out. 3 of 10
    ... he pulls out.
    Truth: While the pull out method has been used by some as a form of birth control — there is a large error-gap. It's still possible to get pregnant.
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  • …. you’re on birth control 4 of 10
    .... you're on birth control
    Truth: Birth control is not 100% effective, and user error or other circumstances (such as taking certain medications or being overweight) can reduce the effectiveness.
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  • … without orgasm 5 of 10
    ... without orgasm
    Truth: Well, women do not need to have an orgasm to get pregnant. There have been some studies that suggest an orgasm increases your chance of getting pregnant (due to the muscle contractions pulling things in), it's certainly not necessary.
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  • … you have sex standing up 6 of 10
    ... you have sex standing up
    Truth: Some believe that the gravity of standing up will somehow hinder the sperm from swimming up, it's not true those. Those guys are strong swimmers.
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  • … she’s on top 7 of 10
    ... she's on top
    Truth: Again, the idea of gravity and that the sperm will 'fall out' propels this myth. Again, sperm are very good and strong swimmers.
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  • … you pee after sex 8 of 10
    ... you pee after sex
    Truth: Since urine comes from the urethra, which is not connected to the uterus, peeing after intercourse will not stop sperms from making their way to meet your egg. There has been some studies that suggest it reduces your chance of developing a bladder infection, but not pregnancy.
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  • … you have sex in water 9 of 10
    ... you have sex in water
    Truth: Having sex anywhere, you can get pregnant. Water will not hinder this.
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  • … he doesn’t ejaculate 10 of 10
    ... he doesn't ejaculate
    Truth: It only takes one sperm to impregnant a woman and pre-ejaculate can contain the odd sperm or two.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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