10 Gifts for Second-Time Moms

Like a lot of second time moms, I have a basement full of baby gear. Stroller, play yard, bouncy seat, high chair, stair gates, you name it. I have it all. Some of my stuff was gifts from relatives and friends, some of it we bought ourselves but no matter where it came from, it’s all still in good shape and just waiting to be unpacked for baby number two this summer.

But just because I have all the big stuff, doesn’t mean there aren’t gaps in my baby supply stash. Or there aren’t little wish list items that I keep making mental notes to stock up on for myself. These things are a lot less romantic that what I wanted for the first baby – no coordinating Pack’n’Play and baby swing this time! – But they’re the things I know from experience will make those first hectic weeks a little smoother.

Here’s my list of great gifts for a second time mom!

  • Simple Newborn Clothes 1 of 10
    Simple Newborn Clothes
    Many moms still have a lot of the gorgeous, special occasion outfits they got for their first child. But simple onsies, socks and sleepers probably fell victim to unfixable up-the-back poop-slopsions or disappeared into the vortex in the dryer that steals baby socks.
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  • Gift Cards 2 of 10
    Gift Cards
    It's hard to get past the impersonal nature of gift cards but a second-time mom will no doubt appreciate a few dollars to spend at or Buy Buy Baby.
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  • Food 3 of 10
    Bringing dinner to a family with a new baby never goes out of style! Those meals can prevent a situation in which the baby's legal name will be changed to Papa John…
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  • Baby Toiletries 4 of 10
    Baby Toiletries
    Infant sunscreen, lotions, Mylicon drops, infant Tylenol. All of that stuff has probably either vanished from the medicine cabinet or long-since expired. Fresh new bottles will be appreciated!
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  • Wine 5 of 10
    This doesn't really require an explanation, does it?
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  • Netflix Streaming Subscription 6 of 10
    Netflix Streaming Subscription
    Nothing will make a 3am feeding more fun for mom than the chance to catch up on the last season of Mad Men.
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  • Babysitting 7 of 10
    Whether you have the time to do it yourself or if you can spring for a few hours of her favorite sitter, a mom will be grateful to have a chance to run some errands with both hands free, grab a coffee and a pedi, or just sit in the local library enjoying the quiet!
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  • Diapers and Wipes 8 of 10
    Diapers and Wipes
    Remember how many diapers a baby goes through per day in the early weeks? Shoring up the diaper and wipes supplies is a great way to help out!
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  • Gossip Magazines 9 of 10
    Gossip Magazines
    After my son was born, I didn't have the brain capacity to read anything of substance. But I liked flipping through rags like People and Us Weekly to unwind and feel slightly like an adult. I'm sure I'll do that again this time!
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  • Sessions at Local Play Spots 10 of 10
    Sessions at Local Play Spots
    A few free visits to the local bounce house or Gymboree will give mom a break from juggling both kids and give the older sibling a special fun treat.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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