10 Great Baby Names We Crossed Off Our List and Why

10 Great Baby Names We Crossed Off Our List & Why

By now, you know that I’m borderline obsessed with baby names. I’ve been creating and recreating lists since before I got pregnant. But when you’re not the only one responsible for naming your future children, and when friends and family members manage to pop out little ones before you, your naming options slowly become slimmer. More than once, I’ve (somewhat) jokingly said to my wife, “We need to hurry up and have a baby! All the good names are being taken!”

When my wife and I got married, we took her maiden name (Hill) as our middle names. And we both took my last name (Mass). We decided to do this because neither of us care for hyphenated last names for various reasons, but we still wanted to honor both of our families and have familial name recognition within our own eventual family. We made this decision knowing that we would do the same for our children: give them the middle name Hill and the last name Mass. Having two one-syllable names that also happen to be actual words (Hill Mass) as middle and last names further makes choosing a name for our twins a challenge.

So as much as we love the amazing names listed here, they just had to go. For one reason or another.

Tell me what you think of the names we had to say goodbye to. And let me know if you’ve ever had to let a name go!

  • Maeve 1 of 10
    This name got ix-nayed because of spousal disagreement. Try as I did, my wife was just not getting behind this name.
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  • Helen 2 of 10
    Helen is a lovely and classic name. But my wife thinks it's boring and dull. So long, Helen.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Sawyer 3 of 10
    I absolutely LOVE the name Sawyer, and so does my wife. But my cousin recently had a little baby boy and named him Sawyer, so it's off our list.
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  • Levi 4 of 10
    I've liked this name since high school those many moons ago. But a friend who had twins just over a year ago paired Levi with Hazel for her set. How great is that?
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  • Nora 5 of 10
    Nora is a classy and sweet name, but my wife says it reminds her of a boring librarian. HoHum. Nora's gone.
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  • Harrison 6 of 10
    My dear friend and fellow name aficionado named her second son this lovely moniker. It was on our list until then.
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  • Isaac 7 of 10
    This was actually a top contender for months (we've been name talking since before I got pregnant). But it recently got the boot because we started feeling that the spelling was difficult for people, and the more Isaacs we spoke to, the truer our fear became.
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  • Alice 8 of 10
    Oh, sweet Alice. If I was naming a child by myself, and if it happened to be a girl, I'm pretty sure her name would be Alice. Alas, the wife doesn't care too much for it, so we've got to pass on it.
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  • Matilda 9 of 10
    Matilda is another name that I simply ADORE. And I'd be thrilled to have a daughter with the nickname Tilly. But my wife says there's some association to a witch or something, and she just can't get past it.
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  • Mitchell 10 of 10
    We both actually like Mitchell a lot. But it pairs so horribly with our last name, Mass. Mitchell Mass isn't the problem. But Mitch Mass can quickly become B*tch A** is the halls of junior high. No bueno.
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