10 Halloween-inspired Baby Names that are Actually Wearable

10 Halloween-inspired Baby Names that are Actually Wearable

I realized the other day that with twins on the way, I’m going to have to learn to like Halloween. Yes, it’s true: I don’t care for the “holiday.” I’ll spare you my reasons, since I know I’m alone in this. So in my initial attempt to find Halloween’s first saving grace, I turned to one of the aspects about baby-making that I love the most. NAMES!

After digging into the depths of Halloween associations, I’ve come up with 10 baby names inspired by my least favorite day of the year. I steered clear of the names that are just too Halloweeny like Chucky and Candy and decided on ones that are actually wearable anytime of the year.

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  • Wes 1 of 10
    Wes Craven is responsible for many of the scariest horror films out there, including Nightmare On Elm Street. But Wes is a super cool and hip name for a boy.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Dexter 2 of 10
    Sure, Dexter is a serial killer on the Showtime series of the same name, but it's also a great name for a baby boy that will travel well with your little guy through the years.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Harry 3 of 10
    Like Potter, the greatest wizard of all time. It's got that sweet old-man charm while also being adorable for a little one.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Alfred 4 of 10
    Alfred Hitchcock is practically the king of suspense and psychological thrillers, so this name is classic on many levels. It also has the potential for both a front-loaded and end-loaded nickname: Al and/or Freddy.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Cole 5 of 10
    Remember that cute little boy in The Sixth Sense who could "see dead people?" His name was Cole. Pretty great name, don't you think?
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Phoebe 6 of 10
    I adore this name, but I'm having a hard time selling it to my spouse. Phoebe was one of the sisters in Charmed and it's a totally wearable name for little girls.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Clarice 7 of 10
    Once you get past Anthony Hopkins voice creepily saying this name in Silence of the Lambs, you've got one super cute and classic name. Claire is increasingly popular, as is Reece, so why not try out a combo of two great names?
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Samara 8 of 10
    While The Ring, the movie that features this name, gives me the chills, Samara is a great name with a great meaning: protected by God. It's also a nice step away from the ever-popular Samantha, but can still use Sam as a nickname.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Blair 9 of 10
    Were you one of those dummies like me who believed The Blair Witch Project was REAL? (Please say yes...) Anyway, the movie was terrifying, but the name Blair is anything but.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons
  • Rosemary 10 of 10
    If you ever want to see a classic horror film, watch Rosemary's Baby just not while you're pregnant! The name Rosemary is about as pretty as they come.
    Photo via Flickr: Creative Commons

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