10 Hospital Freebies You Can’t Forget To Take Home After Baby!

By the title of this post, you may get the feeling that I am talking about stealing items from the hospital. I may sound like a Klepto – but i’d like you to know that i’m not.

In all seriousness, most hospitals give new moms a nice collection of items to help out the first few days you return home. With our first kid, we had no idea about these freebies from the hospital until a nice nurse said “make sure you take these!”

So what are these free hospital goodies and where do I get them?


I have bought it all. Nothing sucks out infant boogers better than the hospital nasal aspirator! I don’t know what’s so magical about this thing, but the sucking power is perfect. Grab it! Grab 2 if you can!


Up until a few years ago, the magical – mystical hospital binky was sacred. I am so not kidding. With my first child, she would only take the binky from the hospital. We tried every brand, and nada. Finally a friend told me of a web site that sold the same type, which was a God send.

Now a days these are available everywhere, but still – they will run you a few bucks a pop and the last thing you want to be doing with a new baby is trying to go out and buy new binkies!


Maybe it’s the sentimental me, but I still have the hospital blankets from each of my babies. While they do make GREAT swaddlers while your babe is itty bitty – they are just great for keepsakes


Depending on how nice your nurse is – you may just score like we did with handy dandy ready-to-use formula. A few things to note, even if you are intending on breastfeeding. These ready-to-use formulas are good for several months. They are very expensive to purchase, and are super handy for anytime you travel. It’s a total diaper bag essential!


Oh who can resist free diapers and wipes! While we didn’t always score with name brand wipes, diapers were always a plenty. Each trip from home the hospital with our last few kids, we received at least 1 full package of diapers. At around $15 a pack in the store, I’ll take those free diapers right on home – thank you very much!


Those itty bitty shirts that your baby is first clothed may be generic but are highly functional. Though simple and plain, the ease of changing baby and diaper with a little infant tee is very easy. And again, with the sentimental side of me – I have each of the infant tees from my children. It’s a sweet reminder of how small they once were.


These babies are bringing SEXY BACK. And I am so kidding. After delivering your bambino do consider taking as many of these ugly mesh panties as you can. They are nasty, gross and yuck but let me tell you – these puppies WORK and they WORK well.


Yes, I know. You HATE Enfamil or Similac or what have you. But let me tell you. Those big companies have big marketing budgets which means they want your business. I’ve received numerous diaper bags, full of goodies and samples from these companies. It’s worth it, even if you breast feed – a few of my bags came with coolers to store breast milk.


Those first few days home are whack. Finding a thermometer when baby doesn’t feel quite right isn’t fun. Take it!


Once we realized that breastfeeding was a no-go with our last delivery, the nurses kindly asked which bottle we would be using. They provided us with a few options and let us take them home. Score!

These hospital freebies are typically found in the drawers of your baby’s bassinet. Clean house before you pack up your stuff to head home from the hospital! Your post-partum nurse may have additional items to offer, like additional formula or diapers. Of course, this all varies by nurse and hospital.

What Hospital Goodies Did You Score With Your Baby’s Delivery?

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