10 IKEA Baby Products You Need to Know About

We’ve told you before how IKEA purchases like cribs and high chairs can save you a fortune while still being safe and stylish, but did you know that there are dozens of other IKEA purchases you can make for your baby — down to the toys?

I’m as into cool baby products as the next mom (possibly even more, given my gig testing gear), but here’s the thing about baby purchases: they don’t last long. At all. So why pay more for something so comparable when you can pay a lot less for something that’s — in most cases — even cuter than the pricier alternatives?

Here are 10 IKEA products that every mom-to-be should put on her registry — many of which are brand new:

  • KARMA washcloths, $3.99/10-pack 1 of 10
    I dare you to beat that price.
  • KLADD bibs, $3.99/5-pack 2 of 10
    Another no-brainer. It's going to be covered in either drool, spit-up, food or all three. Are cartoon characters and silly sayings necessary? Why not keep it simple?
  • LEKPLATS play mat, $14.99 3 of 10
    I have one of these mats and my son adores it.
  • PATRULL bathtub mat, $5.99 4 of 10
    It's $6 and adorable. What other bathtub mat can you say that about?
  • EKORRE rocking moose, $39.99 5 of 10
    Seriously? This is just too cute.
  • EKORRE toddle wagon/walker, $14.99 6 of 10
    I spent $70 on my son's similar walking wagon, and this one is way cooler. It can be filled with blocks, stuffed animals, a baby doll, etc. as your little one learns to toddle around.
  • LEKA baby gym, $24.99 7 of 10
    Most baby gyms are hideous and expensive, but this one is wooden, compact and portable. Love it.
  • MULA stacking rings, $5.99 8 of 10
    This is a pretty standard baby toy purchase, but why spend more than $5.99?
  • CIRKUSTALT children’s tent, $19.99 9 of 10
    Once your infant starts getting bigger, give him/her a quiet place to play. And considering most pop-up kid's play tents cost a bundle, this one is a steal at only $20! (The last time I was at IKEA, all of the kids couldn't get enough of this new product.)
  • LEKA circus baby gym, $24.99 10 of 10
    It's $25 and waaaayyy cuter than the majority of $70 baby gyms out there. Done and done.

Here are more IKEA children’s products to keep on your radar as your little one gets bigger.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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