10 Important Things All Men Should Know About Pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy is all about the woman. We’re the ones who feel and deal with the symptoms, the weird twinges of pain and of course, the getting bigger and bigger part.

If we have a partner during our pregnancy, they can be a big source of support. My husband has always been great to me during my pregnancies and is as understanding as he can be. He has been though it a few times with me though so he’s had a lot of practice.

For our partners who are not the one pregnant, we can be hard to understand. If you’ve never been pregnant (which most men haven’t) some of the things we do can seem a bit — odd and may be confused for something else.

So, in an effort to help those partners who are new to the whole pregnancy experience  I have a list of very important things you should all know about your pregnant woman… & you can’t say no one warned you!

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  • Never Comment on the Weight 1 of 10
    Never Comment on the Weight
    We are likely already thinking about it, worrying about it & pressure from our partners will not help. If we're obsessing, hide the scale.
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  • Yes, We Have to Pee, Again 2 of 10
    Yes, We Have to Pee, Again
    I know, right -- it happens though. DO NOT skimp on the toilet paper brand - buy the good toilet paper. We will very quickly notice the difference.
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  • We May Hate Your Smell 3 of 10
    We May Hate Your Smell
    Our sense of smell will be heightened & we may hate the smell of your deodorant. Change it if we ask you to.
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  • Cravings Are to be Taken Seriously 4 of 10
    Cravings Are to be Taken Seriously
    This is no joke. If your wife wants a cheeseburger, go find her that cheeseburger.
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  • You May Have to Tie Our Shoes 5 of 10
    You May Have to Tie Our Shoes
    There may come a time when we get to the end of our pregnancy where we may need your help. Tying our shoes or putting on our socks can be hard, help us with a smaile.
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  • We Will Complain About Feeling Huge 6 of 10
    We Will Complain About Feeling Huge
    When we do, remind us it's our baby growing and that we look beautiful.
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  • Tell Us We Look Gorgeous 7 of 10
    Tell Us We Look Gorgeous
    If we've exploded with full on pregnancy face, tell us we look gorgeous anyway.
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  • Our Sleep is Priority 8 of 10
    Our Sleep is Priority
    Sleep is more about us now than you. If we want to sleep with a fan on and the window open in the dead of winter for our comfort, you find a way to cope.
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  • Our ‘Intimate’ Appetite May Be Different 9 of 10
    Our 'Intimate' Appetite May Be Different
    Some of us will want it all the time -- some of us won't even want to look at you. Don't pressure us, it's the hormones not you.
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  • When We Say ‘Feel This’ — MOVE! 10 of 10
    When We Say 'Feel This' -- MOVE!
    We want to share the joy of baby kicks and if we say "OMG feel this" -- run and feel it as quickly and as often as we say it. Be excited.
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