10 Inspirations for Naming Your Baby Without a Baby Name Book

inspirations for baby namesTrying to name the kid in your belly is a big responsibility. Think about it, chances are she or he will be called some variation of the name for the rest of their life!

Finding a baby name isn’t an easy task. And believe me, no matter what you name your kid, someone will say something about his or her name – no matter how plain and simple or how off the wall – just be prepared for judgment.

The first place NOT to look for a baby name is a baby book. I know. I know. But there are 10,000 baby names in that book, why not use it?! It’s way too overwhelming. Those 10,000 baby names are all in the same font and the same size and are in list format. You’ll get sucked into a mindless pool of do I like this or that, soon you’ll just want to throw the book away from the insanity it brings.

So where to find cool baby names?

Here are 10 Inspirations for Naming Your Baby Without a Baby Name Book

1. Important People In Your Life

Make a list of the people that are important to you and your partner. Now say them out loud with your last name. Don’t like it?  Cross it out.

Our daughter Z’s middle name is my sister and Grandma’s name. Our 1st son after my husband, he was born on his birthday – so became an obvious choice. 

2. Significant Places In Your Life

Just as you did with the important people in your life, do this with significant places in your life. Locations could be towns, cities, states, restaurants, or parks – get creative.

Our 2nd son, his middle name is after our favorite city, AUSTIN!

3. Pottery Barn Kids Catalog

Okay, Don’t think I’m going too crazy. Think about it – Pottery Barn Kids’ catalog features darling products embroidered or personalized with hip names and spellings.

A few featured in the newest catalog are: Cate (somehow on a pillowcase this is so much cuter than Kate), Brianna, Kingston, Ella, Dakota, Scarlett, Carson or Parker.

4. iTune, iPod or Music Folder

music inspires baby names

Okay I’m sure you are thinking now that I’ve REALLY gone whack. Well, no give me a chance here. Open up iTunes, your iPod or music folder. There is a list of names in songs and artists right there they you enjoy. Let music inspire your baby’s name.

I did this recently, here’s the list I came up with: Adelle, Florence, Muse, Jefferson, Kimya, Ingrid, Mazzy, Jude, Len, Jonas, Jack – you get the idea.

5. Bible

If the bible plays a significant role in your life, it’s full of great names and great significance. All of our children have some form or fashion of a biblical name. It’s my way of making them have a little Jesus in them even when they stray to the dark side when they are older (i’m kidding people).

6. Books and Fairy Tales

Do you have a favorite book or fairy tale with a name that could be the perfect baby name for your little one?

7. Maiden Name

My sister-in-law’s maiden name is Jared and named her first son this. I’ve had a few friends do the same. I love how some can still capture the memory of the last name they once held thru their kids!

8. Baby Name Consultant

This is a little too new fashion for my taste, but I’m not knocking it. I know the stress of trying to find the perfect baby name. Fellow Babble blogger Stevee used a baby name consultant to name her baby boy.

9. Celebrity Baby Names

With all of the pregnant celebrities, there are celebrity babies with that comes celebrity nbaby names. Apparently to be a celebrity now a days it’s highly recommended that you have a unique, one-of-a-kind baby name for your kid. Celebrities, I hate to break the news to you, but your rare baby names become trendy once you name your kid it.

A few celebrity names that have shot to popularity: Kingston (Gwen Steffani and Gavin Rossdale’s first son’s baby name), Zahara, Shiloh, Maddox, Paxton, Knox, Vivienne (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids names), Sunday Rose (Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s first daughter’s name) – just to name a few!

10. Create Your Own!

Hey this is YOUR kid. People will judge regardless of what you name your child. Make the name your own. Be original or old fashion, but OWN IT. Is there a word or name that means a lot to you? USE IT!

We have a cousin name Kailaya – beautiful and unusal – a combination and meaning the name has a special meaning to her parents.

Where Do You Baby Name Inspiration?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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