10 Lessons I Hope My New Baby Learns From Her Big Sister

Over on Toddler Times, I am talking about all the reasons I am terrified to have two kids, but here (to counter-balance), I want to write about all the amazing things our new baby girl (due in eight weeks!) can learn from her big sister.

There is no question that my 2-1/2 year-old Mazzy is both the most challenging and most rewarding part of my life. She is more beautiful than I can wrap my head around, scary smart and possesses a love of life I wish I could bottle and drink myself.

Mazzy’s huge personality is bound to have a big impact on the new baby when she arrives. Of course, I’d love if the baby didn’t emulate the tantrums, the bedtime stalling and the picky eating. But there are tons of amazing qualities she could pick up from watching her big sister.

Here are 10 things Mazzy could teach the new baby better than I ever could:

  • How to Laugh 1 of 10
    How to Laugh
    For a baby that didn't let out so much as a giggle her first year of life, Mazzy has more than made up for it. Not only does she love to laugh, but she loves to make other people laugh as well. Witness her monkey drinking her smoothie — totally set up by Mazzy to entertain her parents.
  • How to Twirl 2 of 10
    How to Twirl
    Mazzy is not really a girlie girl but once she discovered the twirling action of a dress there was no going back. One girl twirling is adorable but two together? My heart swells just thinking about it.
  • How to Make Friends 3 of 10
    How to Make Friends
    Mazzy is always the most outgoing of a group, always inclusive and not afraid to approach new friends. Her playful enthusiasm for being around friends (old and new) makes children flock to her. A skill that I think will take her far.
  • How to be Fearless 4 of 10
    How to be Fearless
    It's true that Mazzy's fearlessness scares me sometimes but it also makes her open to new experiences, and gives her a certain amount of independence that I don't think I ever possessed at her age.
  • How to be Self-Confident 5 of 10
    How to be Self-Confident
    Mazzy loves her herself, as most children do, and I truly hope that this love stays with her for the rest of her life. A confident woman can do anything.
  • How to Sit Still 6 of 10
    How to Sit Still
    I'm not sure Mazzy has mastered this one yet but recently, her love of drawing is helping her ability to sit quietly at a table. Praying her sister gets this one earlier than Mazzy did!
  • How to Play with the Boys 7 of 10
    How to Play with the Boys
    At two-years-old, Mazzy has more game than I ever had when I was single. She goes from boyfriend to boyfriend, leading every step of the way and always leaves them begging for more.
  • How to Make a Pillow House 8 of 10
    How to Make a Pillow House
    This is one of Mazzy's favorite things to do and I imagine her showing her little sister how to create the most intricate forts, tents and structures. As long as she also teaches her how to put everything back...
  • How to Play Hide and Seek 9 of 10
    How to Play Hide and Seek
    I dream of the day when my two kids will play together and I can watch with admiration from the sidelines. The greatest gift you can give your child is another playmate.
  • How to Dance Like No One is Watching 10 of 10
    How to Dance Like No One is Watching
    Above anything else, Mazzy is full of life. She has a huge personality, she makes people smile and I can't think of anyone better to instill the same qualities in my soon-to-be little girl.

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