10 Most Annoying Pregnancy Medical Terms

Pregnancy. A magical time. A miraculous time. A time filled with mystifying medical terminology.

Probably every woman who’s experienced pregnancy will tell you that her vocabulary expanded considerably over the course of her pregnancy as her medical team, birth instructor, and friends started popping out phrases that made her wish she’d taken Latin in high school instead of French. Some of the terms used in pregnancy make perfect sense, like “fetal heartbeat” or “maternal weight gain”. Other phrases…not so much. Some are dumb, some are confusing, and some are downright insulting. With assistance from Babble bloggers Joslyn Gray and Julie Miner, I’ve compiled a list of the ten most annoying pregnancy terms.

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For more information on these and other annoying pregnancy terms, check out these pregnancy glossaries at Moms Who Think and Medicinenet. (Terms not included on those sites were used by my doctors during my consults with them. Other doctors may use slightly different terminology).

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