10 Most Disturbing Movies for Pregnant Women

I hate to admit it, but one thing that is in the back of my mind for when I get pregnant again is having to deal with the surge of new emotions. I am not a crier by nature, but add in the hormones from pregnancy, anxieties and all the changes that are about to take place and I have a much harder time controlling the tears, fears and mood swings.

With that, I try to be kinder to myself when I am pregnant. I avoid any huge changes outside what’s already going on and try to work around anything that may increase the emotions and fears — including movies. There are some that all pregnant women should avoid watching  — do you really need to watch Bella’s painful Twilight pregnancy while you’re growing a child of your own? — because they may be especially disturbing with all the pregnancy hormones and fears floating around.

Click through for the 10 most disturbing movies for pregnant women:

  • Problem Child 1 of 10
    Problem Child
    When pregnant, we dream about what our child will look like and imagine what kind of person they will grow into. This movie may leave you with fears of raising a child who lives to get into trouble.
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  • Alien 2 of 10
    Labor and birth can be this scary thing for those haven't been through it yet. A movie like this will not only leave you terrified that your baby will be this weird-looking alien, but that it will prefer to rip itself out of you. Just what a pregnant woman needs.
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  • Knocked Up 3 of 10
    Knocked Up
    A totally funny movie, but really, none of us want to find ourselves in the situation of a one-night-stand turned baby-daddy. The labor scene in this movie is enough to scare anyone off.
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  • Breaking Dawn Part 1 4 of 10
    Breaking Dawn Part 1
    Sure, the baby daddy is hot ... but being pregnant with his child sure takes a toll! Not only does Bella look terrible as her pregnancy progresses, and has to drink human blood to keep her unborn baby happy, but the delivery scene is nothing but nightmares for anyone — especially a pregnant mama-to-be.
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  • Star Wars Episode 3 5 of 10
    Star Wars Episode 3
    One minute you are happy and in love and expecting twins from the love of your life. The next minute he changes and is not the man he used to be — and becomes Darth Vader. This movie is disturbing for any pregnant woman worried that her relationship will turn towards the dark side when baby comes along.
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  • Up 6 of 10
    Such a beautiful, sweet movie and one of my favorites, but the first 5 minutes is heartbreaking and especially so for a pregnant woman. The idea that you are finally in a place to start your family only to find out you are not able to - a fear that many women have but an even more disturbing thought when you are pregnant. Fast-forward and watch the first part when your baby is safely in your arms.
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  • Rosemary’s Baby 7 of 10
    Rosemary's Baby
    The ultimate pregnant-woman horror movie: try to watch this as a pregnant mama without getting totally freaked out. We all want to protect our unborn baby — and the thought of someone wanting to harm our baby is terrifying! After watching this, you might want to double check that your partner hasn't promised your baby to your Satan-worshipping neighbors.
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  • Junior 8 of 10
    The idea of men wanting to "fix" or "better" the pregnancy experience and experimenting on themselves is bizarre. Also, it's disturbing to think of what life would be like if our husbands became pregnant instead. Watch the scene where Arnold goes into labor — that is enough to make anyone question procreating.
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  • Children of Men 9 of 10
    Children of Men
    Imagine you are the only pregnant woman the world has seen for 18 years and the government want to steal your baby for experiments. Also, there has been no need for maternity care for 18 years — so not only are you scared for your child, but the possibility of rusty equipment ... ew.
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  • Marley & Me 10 of 10
    Marley & Me
    Seriously, this film is a tear-jerker even when you don't have pregnancy hormones surging through your body. Our pets are like our babies before we have babies and the idea of anything happening to them is too close to how we will feel about our children. And, it will be disturbing just how much more you will cry watching this while pregnant.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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