The 10 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013 (Plus Five That Should Be on the List)

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m borderline obsessed with baby names. OK, we might be able to ditch the whole “borderline” thing.

I visit my favorite baby name sites on a regular basis to follow trends and see what parents-to-be are looking at. And I sometimes annoyingly talk about baby names with anyone who has a name. Some of the best sites include my absolute favorite, Appellation Mountain, the always-informative BabyZone, the witty You Can’t Call It “It,” the brilliant baby-naming expert at Early Mama, and the tried-and-true Nameberry.

The great ladies over at Nameberry created the master list of the most popular baby boy names from their site in 2013, which I feature here. For the most part, I love the names that made this list. But there were a few missing that I thought should have made it–so I added them myself!

Do you know any boys with these names? Did you use one of these names for your son? What do you think about this list?

  • It’s All in a Name 1 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    Who's who among baby boys for 2013...

    Original Photo: Flickr Creative Commons user _-O-_
    Source for baby names used: Nameberry
    Source for baby name meanings: BabyZone

  • #1: Asher 2 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    I've liked this name since I read the book, "My Name is Asher Lev." While the book is great, I doubt it had anything to do with Asher's rise. It's more likely the popularity of Ashton Kutcher has helped this Ash- name climb the charts.

    Meaning:  happy, blessed.

  • #2: Declan 3 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    I actually know two babies born recently with the name Declan. I like the name, even if it is popular. It has a nice strong sound. Declan. Plus, it's the name of a character I like on (my secret guilty pleasure), Revenge--don't judge.

    Meaning: full of goodness.

  • #3: Finn 4 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    Finn is fun. There's something just flippy and cute about this name to me. While I like it for a young boy, I'm not sure how I'd feel about it on a grown man. Plus, can it ever escape the association to the Glee guy for our generation now? I don't know.

    Meaning: blond, fair.

  • #4: Atticus 5 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    Atticus is one of those names that I absolutely LOVE--on someone else's kid. I'm just not hip enough (or brave enough) to ever use this name. I love the way it sounds. I love how cool it feels saying it. I so, so, so love its literary connection. I just could never.

    Meaning: man of Athens. 

  • #5: Oliver 6 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    I know a few young Olivers, and I like them all. I really enjoy this name--which reminds me of a quintessential modern classic, if that makes any sense. 

    Meaning: peaceful, affectionate, or the olive tree

  • #6: Henry 7 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    Henry's a cool name. It's one of those old-man names that made a beautiful comeback. Really, there's not much bad to say about this name, unless you want to pronounce the Hen- as On-. Then? We gotta talk.

    Meaning: ruler of the house

  • #7: Emmett 8 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    I remember the first time I ever heard this name. I was in high school, and one of my older brothers liked the sports star, Emmitt Smith. This name works for me. It has a nice sound, and a great meaning.

    Meaning: strong, industrious.

  • #8: James 9 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    What's not to like about the great name, James? On its own, I love this name. But then. Then, enters the nickname Jim or Jimmy, and the fact that this name is so popular. Those two things ruin the likelihood that I'd ever use it. But I do love it.

    Meaning: supplanter, heel-grabber.

  • #9: Jude 10 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    I knew a Jude in high school. He was a cool dude. Sorry, he really was, but how can you not say dude within seconds of saying Jude? This name doesn't do it for me. I don't care for the arrangement of letters, or that it shares the same oo-sound as poop.

    Meaning: praised.

  • #10: Owen 11 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013

    Owen. What's not to love? It's sweet. It's somehow comforting. It has a W. Two big thumbs up here.

    Meaning: young warrior.

    Continue clicking to see the 5 names I think should have made the list!

    Be sure to visit Nameberry to see their full list of 100 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013!

  • That’s Me! 12 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

    In case you were wondering, "Who is this person saying such things about other people's kids' names?" It's me! Hi. 

    These next 5 names didn't make Nameberry's top 100 list, but they're some of my favorites. 

    Photo: Me, riding in the back of my dad's pickup truck. Summer 2011. I don't always look so obnoxious. Photo rights belong to me, so don't even think about stealing this gem. 

  • Stanley 13 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

    What? Are you crazy? I know that's what you're thinking. But Stanley is a great name. Most people I know actually cringe a bit when I first say this name, and I know it's not well-liked. But, you see, I had the greatest ever Great Uncle with this name. All I see when I hear it is love, love, love. I don't expect anyone to agree with me on this name anytime soon.

    Meaning: from near the stony meadow.

  • Mitchell 14 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

    This name is so freaking cool. I can hardly stand it. And Mitch? Mitch is probably one of the best nicknames ever. Sadly, I think this name was long-ago ruined because of the terrible word Mitch rhymes with. What a shame.

    Meaning: who is like the Lord.

  • Chet 15 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

    If you don't know who Chet Baker is, do yourself a favor, and go discover him. Since you likely won't, I'll just tell you that he's probably the best jazz trumpeter in history. Chet is a cool name. It's been on all of my lists since I wrote out my very first list.

    Meaning: camp of the soldiers.

  • Myron 16 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

    Another old-man name, yep. What can I say? Old-man names are cool. Myron--and all grandfather names--are a refreshing step away from the popular names and name sounds of today. Plus, they're a respectful nod to past generations.

    Meaning from Nameberry: fragrant, an aromatic shrub, myrrh

  • Lewis 17 of 17
    Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

    I was born in a house--some many moons ago--on a street named Lewis Hollow Road. When I was younger, my mother affectionately called me Aela Lewis, which turned into Aela Louie. I've always liked Lewis.

    Meaning: renowned fighter, a form of Louis.

    So there ya have it, folks! What do you think of these names? 

Be sure to check out Nameberry’s full list of 100 Most Popular Baby Boy Names of 2013!

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