10 Must Have Baby Girl Things from Etsy

Since I got pregnant, I have become a total Etsy junkie… well, I had a serious shopping problem with the website before I got pregnant, but I think I have been using my pregnancy as an excuse to buy more stuff. Hahah!

Then when we found out we were having a little girl, my addiction continued to all things pink, and girlie, which is why I took the time to write this post out today. I am in the final stretch of my pregnancy, and the final decorating stretch for our nursery, so the finishing touches have been coming from my favorite stores on my internet shopping addiction site.

This is a list of my favorite items, from my favorite etsy stores, but be sure to check out some of the other items these stores offer!

1. Name Blocks!  – SkyBluePinkBoutique offers seasonal blocks, but I am sure if you email her, she will be willing to do baby names too!  Like of course, she is doing for me since we finally decided on a name!   The above picture are blocks from her store. How cute are they?    The perfect touch to your little ones room, girl or boy in this case!

2. Owl Love You Forever Print – by OhLouiseDesigns – Because of my serious addiction to all things owls, I had to have this.  Not only do I love her work, but she is the best seller… EVER!  Within minutes of ordering the custom print (because I wanted a different color) she messaged me with an estimate of time, and then messaged me again the day it shipped.  I cannot recommend her enough!

3. Owl Month Onsie Stickers – by PurplePossom – Again, because of my serious Owl obsession for this baby, I have to have owl anything and everything.  These stickers go right onto a plain white, or colored onsie to show growth from newborn to a while year old.

4. Headbands!!  – Baby K Designs – This is probably my favorite etsy store because I am not officially obsessed with headbands and any kind of flower apparel for my daughter. Although I have held off on buying anymore until she is actually here, because my luck she won’t keep them on and I will be stuck with tons she won’t use.  The shipping was quick, especially for around Christmas time when I purchased these!   Good quality, and I highly recommend her!

5. Digital Prints – Upenover Land of Joyful Art – I am kind of biased when it comes to the owners artwork because she did the recent graphic design work for my website, but her work is beautiful, and can totally make for awesome artwork for your nursery, or even around your house!

6. Hand Painted Outlet Covers/Light Switches – Sweet Petites Boutique – This is still sitting in my cart on Etsy, but I will buy it… Maybe in a couple weeks when my husband stops noticing all the paypal charges from our bank account? Haha!  This shop has tons upon tons of beautiful hand painted outlet covers, dresser knobs, and light switch covers. They are so pretty!  I think they are a must have for any room, especially a nursery!

7. Wall Art! – Wallartdesigns – What nursery isn’t complete without some awesome vinyl wall art?  The above picture we got for our nursery, and I will also be doing a giveaway from this Etsy store on my personal website during my Virtual Baby Shower in a couple weeks.  They have all different kinds of wall art for girls, boys, and just regular around the house kind of stuff. Check it out!

8. Wooden Owl Shelves – TheWoodenOwl – While I haven’t purchased from the store yet, I am attempting to make these myself, although if I lose a finger, or they don’t turn out how I want them to, I will be ordering these… The wooden creations in this shop are totally to die for, and incredibly made. You can tell that the seller really puts a good amount of time into everything they make!

9. Custom Newborn Owl Hat – FreckleTree – As I was starting to wrap up my post, I came across this hat… I MUST HAVE THIS!  There is nothing cuter!

10. Hand Made Hats – Modern Sparkle – I am also a sucker for cute hats. I love anything handmade, especially if it has a giant flower on it. My oldest son was born in the winter time, so he always had some kind of hat on, but since this little one will be a spring/summer baby I am going to have to wait till the fall to start dressing her in all the cute hats I must buy!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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