10 Must-Have Products for Your “It’s a Girl” Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are the new baby showers and if that’s the route you’re going then you’re not alone. When the time comes for me to have some sort of shower for a new baby, I am not sure this is the route I will go. It’s becoming quite popular these days.

It’s very similar to a baby shower, but instead, the guests (and sometimes the mom-to-be herself) are surprised with the reveal of the gender of their baby. You get to celebrate all the pink or blue that will be in your life if you’re one who tends to stick to the gender norms and when you’re doing a gender reveal that’s kind of the point.

I’ve searched through the fantastic site Etsy to collect some of the best must-have products you should have at your “It’s a GIRL!” gender reveal party. From decorations to dessert to invitations, these products are perfect if you’re in for a happy life with pink.

  • Everything You Need for your 1 of 11
    gender reveal

    If you're planning a gender reveal party in place (or with) a baby shower -- here are all the must-have products for your "It's a GIRL" reveal. 

  • Invitation 2 of 11

    Invite your guests to be in on the surprise and find out at the same time as everyone else. Maybe a name reveal too?

    Want one? Get it from BusyChickadees on Etsy, $10

  • Girly Straws 3 of 11

    Drink with the theme in mind with these cute pink straws. It's perfect for the girly reveal.

    Want them? Get them from PartyHQ on Etsy, $10

  • It’s a GIRL Flag 4 of 11

    Wave the gender loud and proud with these cute GIRL flags.

    Want one? Get them from BostonsTerrier on Etsy, $14

  • Gender Reveal Cake Pops 5 of 11

    Take a bite into a yummy dessert and find out the gender at the same time -- perfect!

    Want some? Get some from Lollibakes on Etsy, $35 

  • Stamped Silverware 6 of 11

    Forget the plastic spoons! Let your guests in on the secret with these amazing stamped spoons.

    Want one? Get one from BellaJacksonStudios on Etsy, $13.95

  • Candy Stickers 7 of 11

    Decorate your favorite candy or your must-have craving to feed your guests at your party and reveal the secret there too.

    Want some? Get some from PartyPerksPrints on Etsy, $4.99

  • It’s a GIRL Banner 8 of 11

    Decorate in style with this cute and girly banner. Alternatively, you can use this as a prop in a gender reveal photo shoot.

    Want one? Get one from BekahJennings on Etsy, $15

  • Cupcake Toppers 9 of 11

    If you're not a fan of brightly colored cupcakes, keep the colors neutral, but reveal with a cute cupcake topper.

    Want some? Get some from Auntie's Jammiesâ„¢ on Etsy, $19.50

  • Baby Shower Favors 10 of 11

    Not only do these look amazing, but I bet they taste amazing too! Pretzel sticks with white chocolate and a "It's a GIRL" right on them, it's perfect!

    Want some? Get some from QsGoodies on Etsy, $10

  • Pink Garland 11 of 11

    Who needs to be subtle? Let the decorations share the gender loud and proud with these multi-pink garland decorations.

    Want some? Get some from A To Zebra Celebrations! on Etsy, $49.99


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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