10 Non-Awkward Baby Shower Games and Activities

Image Source: Amazon | Babble
Image Source: Amazon | Babble

Let’s face it, baby shower games are awkward.  That being said, they are also a necessary evil.  Baby showers (or really any type of shower for that matter) can get real awkward, real quick.  That’s why baby shower games and activities were invented – to help kill that uncomfortable silence that happens when guests don’t know each other very well.  Unfortunately most of these games suck.

I’m making a total judgement call here, but I’m going to venture to say that no mother wants her shower guests guessing her weight or how big around her belly is.  Am I right?  So, in an effort to banish awkward baby shower games for mothers-to-be everywhere, I have come up with ten alternatives to fill the void that are fun and non-embarrassing for all participants involved.  You’re welcome in advance.

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1. Wishes for Baby

This pretty little free printable list is a place for guests to write out their wishes for baby. They would be great to put in a little album along with baby shower photos for the mommy-to-be.

(via Lauren Makes)

2. My Water Broke Game

OK, I realize that this game may look/sound awkward at first, but I’ve played it before and it was surprisingly fun. All you do is freeze the little plastic babies in ice cube trays and then it’s a race to see who can get their ice cube melted the quickest. Watching guests blow on the ice cubes is quite entertaining and funny, but not awkwardly embarrassing – the perfect combination.

Available now at Amazon, $9.99

3. Fingerprint Tree Guest Book

This probably wouldn’t kill much time, but it would be a nice activity for guests to do as they arrived at the party. Leaving their thumb print on a tree is a way to incorporate a little piece of your friends and family into your nursery art. You could draw/paint your own tree or order a customized version like this one on Etsy.

Available now at Etsy, $15.00

4. DIY Onesies

I’ve long thought that DIY onesies would make a great baby shower activity, but have also always wondered if you’d just end up with a pile of hideous onesies you’d never want to put your baby in (hey…not everyone can be an artist). Well, just let guests choose their own iron-on transfers and set up on ironing station. Problem solved.

(via The Little Umbrella)

5. Finish Mommy’s Phrase

For this game, the mommy-to-be finishes a list of phrases and then guests get to finish the phrases as well. Whoever gets the most matches with the mommy-to-be wins. Quick and painless. These phrase cards were lovingly designed by Posh Paperie as spotted at On To Baby, but you could also write up your own in a pinch.

(via The Little Umbrella)

6. A Collective Quilt

Yet again, a baby shower activity perfect for those with limited artistic abilities. Simple freezer paper stenciling and some fabric spray paint and voila! Alright…I suppose there’s slightly more to it than that, but still pretty and simple.

(via Cactus and Olive)

7. Advice Book

This activity doubles as both informational and sentimental. Guests can write out advice for the soon-to-be parents and then the host can compile them all into a pretty book like this one.

Available now at Amazon, $9.99

8. Guessing Game

Easy and to the point. Fill a jar with an assortment of objects…I used clothespins, but you can use most anything. Have guests write their guess for how many objects are in the jar and throw it in a bowl. Draw a winner. Everyone likes prizes that require minimal effort.

(via The Little Things We Do)

9. Build Your Own Cupcake Bar

Anytime you’ve got party-goers with full hands and/or mouths you’re doing something right and awkward silence has been averted. Yay! Setting up a “build your own cupake bar” like this one I saw over at A Beautiful Mess would do exactly that.

(via A Beautiful Mess)

10. Create Your Own Canvas

Providing guests with blank mini canvases to paint would provide an activity for them and nursery wall art for baby, killing two birds with one stone.

Available now at Amazon, $23.94


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