10 Pairs of Pregnancy-Perfect Shoes…Who Needs High Heels?

jimmy choos for pregnancyAs pregnant celebrities topple to the ground around us, it is hard not to think the sky-high heel trend might not be the best fashion move for pregnant women. In addition to the increased risk of falling over, high heels are not recommended during pregnancy for other reasons. Pregnant women are carrying increased weight in their midsections. This in itself can be trouble for joints and cause lower back pain. High heels can make these problems worse. And the added weight can affect the feet as well. I’m a big believer in moderation, and I’d say heels are a good place to exercise that value. Not that you need to nix the high heels for the occasional special event. But as a regular shoe choice, it may be unwise. And perhaps this is not the time to rock a serious six inch platform. So what kind of shoes are recommended during pregnancy? A ballet flat seems like an obvious solution.  But it turns out that too flat a heel can be a problem as well. A very flat shoe provides no support, and can cause back trouble.

The ideal heel height during pregnancy, according to experts, is between 1 and 1.5 inches. This is the height you’ll find on most every pair of running sneakers or “walking shoes”. But let’s face it, sometimes a girl needs something a little bit more. Luckily, there are a wide range of extremely cute* low heeled shoes around that fit smack dab into pregnancy recommendations, as well as current trends.  For your shopping pleasure or just inspiration, I present to you ten pairs of fall shoes that fall within the ideal heel height for pregnancy.

*by my subjective opinion, of course.  See what you think.

1. Steve Madden Sofiee, from Zappos. A shoe that matches your skin color can elongate your leg even more than a high heel.

2. The Carson Shortie from If something looks good with a butt full of ruffles, it will probably look good with a giant belly. The way I see it, a third trimester belly is at least as flattering as a prairie skirt. Plus, they’re pink.

FRYE Women's Carson Shortie Boot

3. Nichola, from Boutique 9 at  Piperlime, an over the knee boot in neutral suede vs. the usual black leather. Few people who don’t own motorcycles are as enamored of black leather as I am. But there are times when a little leather goes a long way. Pregnancy may be one of these times. And suede is a nice alternative, for that soft-focus floaty romantic earth mama look.

4. In a totally opposite fashion move, the super-femininity of pregnancy could be a great time to work the menswear look. Try this Aberdeen two-tone oxford from Madewell with a boyfriend blazer or vest unbuttoned at the belly. Cheeky.

5. Or try this Frye version from Piperlime, with a bit more height (and a lot more color).

6. Tatsuhara, from Aldo is a nice, affordable Japanese-inspired basic you won’t be afraid to wear into the ground.

7. Vince Camuto Fantasa, at Piperlime. Stay on top of the military trend with this Pregnant Paratrooper look.

8. Women’s Happy Gogh Clog at They’re supposed to work your muscles. I have no idea whether they do or not, but I do think they’re nice for the lower back, which is a notorious trouble spot during pregnancy.

FitFlop Women's Happy Gogh Clog

9. FLY London Women’s Free Pump from This is the kind of shoe I’d wear if to a dinner party when I was pregnant and needed to make just enough of an effort to show I hadn’t given up entirely.

10. Finally, The definitive kitten heel.  The Jimmy Choo Patent Open-Toe D’Orsay, from Bergdorf Goodman. Another three inches would just be gilding the lily, right?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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