10 Phrases People Only Find Appropriate to Ask a Pregnant Woman

When I was pregnant, I had a lot of great people who were just as excited as I was about the new baby about to join the family. I had no idea what to expect and what changes were about to happen.

I certainly didn’t know the weird comments, phrases and questions people would say to me when I began to show. Everyone from close family to strangers on the street would comment on my appearance, on what I was doing, or ask crazy-personal questions and I thought it was just …. strange.

It turns out, it wasn’t an isolated first-time pregnancy experience either. Each time I was pregnant, I found myself fielding the same questions and comments from people. Question that they would never think to ask me if I wasn’t pregnant!

Check out these 10 phrases people seem to think is appropriate to ask to a pregnant women, even if they’re not:

  • 10 Phrases People Only Say to Pregnant Women 1 of 11
    10 Phrases People Only Say to Pregnant Women
    For some reason, when you're pregnant apparently you can ask anything you want.
  • Do Your Clothes Still Fit? 2 of 11
    Do Your Clothes Still Fit?
    We all know that when we're pregnant our bodies change and needing more accommodating clothes is common. Commenting on a pregnant woman's wardrobe and discussing if their outfit still fits them is something that no one would ask a non-pregnant person.
  • Are You Still Having Sex? 3 of 11
    Are You Still Having Sex?
    While it's true that when you're pregnant your sex life can change a bit, this is not a question that people would likely ask any one else.
  • You’re Eating Again? 4 of 11
    You're Eating Again?
    All judgey like too and I don't think any one would say anything to someone who is not pregnant.
  • How is Your Cervix? 5 of 11
    How is Your Cervix?
    Hello, way too much info! I guess it's different when you're really close to someone, but just acquaintances asking the status of one's cervical changes is just ... well, odd.
  • How Much Weight Have You Gained? 6 of 11
    How Much Weight Have You Gained?
    Cause you know, any woman loves to be asked this. Oh, wait -- no one would dare ask anyone not pregnant this.
  • Do You Have Stretch Marks? 7 of 11
    Do You Have Stretch Marks?
    People seem fascinated with the changes a body can go through while pregnant. I have a feeling this question is asked when someone is either trying to feel better about theirs or better that they don't have any.
  • Yah, You Really Wanted a Boy, Right? 8 of 11
    Yah, You Really Wanted a Boy, Right?
    Could you imagine someone asking this when your child is born? I can't because I've only ever heard it when someone finds out the gender during pregnancy.
  • Did You Plan This? 9 of 11
    Did You Plan This?
    A little more polite way to ask if this is due to a careless night, missed birth control or just some sort of real crazy mistake. Cause baby-making business is totally someone else's business.
  • Have You Been Puking A Lot? 10 of 11
    Have You Been Puking A Lot?
    This one is not like it's bad to say to someone who is pregnant, but it's certainly a weird conversation to start, isn't' it?
  • You’re Eating That? 11 of 11
    You're Eating That?
    When you're pregnant and showing, it seems to be a billboard for judgement and what you're eating is a good place that people like to start.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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