10 Phrases You Probably Won’t Ever Hear Any Pregnant Woman Say

10 Phrases You Probably Won't Hear a Pregnant Woman SayThere are a lot of commonalities between pregnant women. You will likely hear at one point or another during their pregnancy a woman refer to herself as ‘huge’, she may exhibit the classical signs of morning sickness or have the glow-y complexion only a pregnant woman can have.

It’s what makes pregnancy awesome, so many of our friends and family and colleagues can relate to a lot of it and it’s relatively unique to pregnancy.

Along with that you will find common phrases that pregnant women will say — anything from ailments to joys to the big things they are looking forward to. However, there are also some phrases you probably won’t ever hear a pregnant woman say, or the majority of women who are pregnant will never utter, because well, that would just be odd.

Click through to read 10 phrases you probably won’t hear a pregnant woman say:

  • “This Room is the Perfect Temperature” 1 of 10
    "This Room is the Perfect Temperature"
    Pregnant woman are either too hot or too cold and that can change in like 2 minutes.
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  • “I Love Being Able to Smell Everything” 2 of 10
    "I Love Being Able to Smell Everything"
    The hypersensitive nose is awful. It makes the pukes happen!
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  • “It’s No Trouble That I Can’t Reach My Toes” 3 of 10
    "It's No Trouble That I Can't Reach My Toes"
    Cause it's not weird at all to ask someone to help put your socks on or tie your shoes.
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  • “I Hope My Linea Nigra Stays Around 4 of 10
    "I Hope My Linea Nigra Stays Around
    It's cute and totally pregnancy-awesome , but no one really wants it to stay forever.
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  • image-1342 5 of 10
    Certainly not when they're jammed up in your ribs or kicking your bladder. Yep.
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  • “Having to Pee All The Time is Great Exercise” 6 of 10
    "Having to Pee All The Time is Great Exercise"
    Using the washroom all the time, well there is no real bright side to that.
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  • “No, I’m Not Hungry” 7 of 10
    "No, I'm Not Hungry"
    Said no pregnant woman ever.
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  • “Another Internal Check? Awesome!” 8 of 10
    "Another Internal Check? Awesome!"
    You know, cause it's totally comfortable... and not at all awkward.
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  • “Nah, Heartburn is Not That Bad” 9 of 10
    "Nah, Heartburn is Not That Bad"
    People complain about it for a very real reason. It hurts.
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  • “I Love That Nothing Fits” 10 of 10
    "I Love That Nothing Fits"
    You wake up one morning to find that all your clothes no longer fit over your belly. Not awesome.
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