10 Pieces of Advice From a Seasoned Preggo

I can still recall the first time that I was pregnant and all the questions I was seeking answers to and the advice that I was looking for. I had no idea what to expect and, aside from my own mom, I didn’t know anyone in my circle who had been pregnant or had a baby.

Now that I am expecting my 4th child and have been pregnant many times over, I’ve come to realize that much of the advice out there is not always that practical. Sure, we want to know what to expect as the months progress, but do we really want to know what fruit-comparable size our growing baby is? Not me. I wanted to know the real-deal, what to expect pieces of advice that I could really use that didn’t sugar-coat things for me.

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  • 10 Pieces of Advice From a Seasoned Preggo 1 of 11

    What you really need to know if it's your first time around. 

  • Keep The Path Clear 2 of 11

    Make sure you rid all clutter from your bedroom to the bathroom. You're going to be using it a lot over the next 9-10 months, even in the middle of the night and you don't want to stub a toe in the process.

  • It’s Going to Happen 3 of 11

    You will, at some point, fall asleep in the middle of a meeting, in mid-conversation, or some other important event. Pregnancy is tiring and not always controllable.

  • Don’t Try to Understand It 4 of 11

    Don't try to understand why you suddenly have an insane craving for pickles. Don't question if you're going to give your baby the best start if that's all you can keep down for the first few months. Just go with it. (Unless you've got a craving for something harmful like sand, it can happen.)

  • Embrace the Changes 5 of 11

    Watch how you talk to yourself. Don't say FAT or huge, but embrace the body changes that are happening. I promise, one day you'll think back to your pregnant days and wish you had loved it more than you did. Take pictures even if you don't ever want to show anyone because one day, you will want to look at them.

  • When In Doubt… Have it Checked Out 6 of 11

    Don't be afraid of being "that first time mom" who asks many questions to your doctor, needs clarification, or needs to get something checked out. It's always better to go with your gut and get all your questions out in the open so you won't ever be left with the "what if."

  • Wardrobe Issues Will Happen 7 of 11

    One day you will wake up and everything in your closet will be too small. There will be a point where someone points out that your belly is showing in public. Be sure to stash an extra size outfit for when this happens and embrace the belly show.

  • Run From the Advice Books and Scary Stories 8 of 11

    I don't know why, but people seem to enjoy scaring pregnant women. Stay away from the scare-tactic books and the friends who like to share the worst-of-the-worst labor stories.

  • Eat That Fruit and Drink Your Water 9 of 11

    Pregnancy hormones slow things down, and the last thing you want is to have issues going to the washroom. You may believe it won't happen to you, but when or if it does, you will wish that you followed this advice.

  • Love the Waddle 10 of 11

    If you're waddling as you grow bigger and your hips ache, learn to embrace it. Chances are others aren't paying attention and it's more noticeable to you than anyone else.

  • Hit Up The Spa 11 of 11

    In the later part of your pregnancy, get thee to the spa for some below the hips grooming because you won't be able to reach. Get a wax and a pedicure and don't try to gymnast yourself.

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