Readers Share: 10 Pregnancy Symptoms We Were Not Expecting

When I was pregnant with Big P I was caught off guard by some of the symptoms I was experiencing. I had no idea my ribs would hurt so bad as he grew bigger, I had no idea just how strong my cravings would be and turns out I am not the only pregnant lady caught by surprise.

I asked some of my friends and readers if they had any pregnancy symptoms that they were surprised by. Fun thing about life and pregnancy is that although you may feel like the only one who’s gone through something — chances are you’re not the only one.

Click through to see 10 pregnancy symptoms Babble readers were not expecting:

  • All Over Acne 1 of 10
    All Over Acne
    "Terrible terrible all over my chest, face and back acne." - Lindsey
    Image: David Castillo Dominici
  • Orgasms During Sleep 2 of 10
    Orgasms During Sleep
    "This is embarrassing, but I had spontaneous orgasms at night while I was asleep. Only with my second pregnancy and completely unexpected!!" - Ruth
    Image: Danilo Rizzuti
  • Surprising Food Aversions 3 of 10
    Surprising Food Aversions
    "Considering I was a vegetarian, being averse to cooked veggies was a bit of a problem." - Mara
    Image: Master isolated images
  • Gas 4 of 10
    "This is kind of embarrassing, but I had TERRIBLE gas in my first trimester! My husband was NOT happy." - Anonymous
    Image: Michal Marcol
  • Painful Thighs 5 of 10
    Painful Thighs
    "Inner thigh pain from running (compensating from expanding hips). Also my feet change shape (not size)." - Brandy
    Image: David Castillo Dominici
  • Loose Hips 6 of 10
    Loose Hips
    "Loose hips. Ouch!" - Megan
    Image: nuttakit
  • Migraines 7 of 10
    "I've only ever had them while pregnant." - Bonnie
    Image: David Castillo Dominici
  • Numb Hands 8 of 10
    Numb Hands
    "I had two fingers go completely numb on one hand for a couple of pregnancies." - Rhonda
    Image: Ambro
  • Heightened Sex Drive 9 of 10
    Heightened Sex Drive
    "The Extreme sex drive....yep, I was huge but that didn't matter." - Tonya
    Image: photostock
  • Discharge 10 of 10
    "Didn't expect all the discharge (sorry for being gross)" - Natalie
    Image: David Castillo Dominici

:: What pregnancy symptoms took you by surprise? ::

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