10 Questions My Older Kids Frequently Ask About My Pregnancy

My kids have known that we have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. When we finally were able to announce our pregnancy to them, they were so excited. They had been asking for another brother or sister almost as long as we were battling against infertility to bring another child to the family — it was a super happy moment for all of us when we were able to share with them.

I am nearing the third trimester and I know that before I realize it, I will be holding a sweet baby in my arms and my three older children will become older siblings again. They are really excited and we have many conversations about my pregnancy and what life will be like with a newborn in the house. We are very open about the whole process and open to answering any questions they have about how the baby gets there and how it comes out and though we talk often, they tend to ask the same questions over and over.

Click through and read 10 questions my kids frequently ask about my pregnancy and the new baby:

  • 10 Questions My Older Kids Frequently Ask About My Pregnancy 1 of 11

    I hear these questions so often during my pregnancy -- do your kids ask a lot of questions too?

  • Can You Buy Me a Snoogle Too? 2 of 11

    I recently picked up this amazing body pillow that makes sleeping for me possible again. It's massive and wonderful, and comfortable -- which means my kids want to steal it or have one of their own.

  • How Does the Baby Come Out? 3 of 11

    We have talked a lot about how the baby is born and how mommy usually goes through some pain first, but she's okay. They know the exit points and all that jazz, but love to ask over and over again.

  • Is There a Baby In Your Butt Too? 4 of 11

    My youngest, Bean -- she's 4 -- asked me why my tummy was getting so big. I reminded her it's because her baby brother was growing inside. She looked at me for a moment and then asked me if there was a baby sister in my butt too. They love to comment on my changing shape.

  • Are You Going to Get Even Bigger? 5 of 11

    I have told them that yes, I will continue to grow as the baby grows and just when you think I can't possibly get any bigger -- I will.

  • Will We Have to Change a Diaper? 6 of 11

    I have one child who really wants to help out when the baby comes, one who wants nothing to do with it all, and a third who seems indifferent either way. All three ask me this question often.

  • Will The Baby Cry A Lot? 7 of 11

    On top of talking about what pregnancy is like, I am trying to prepare them for what life will be like with a baby in the house too. We talk about how they cry because they can't talk yet and they seem to think that's all the baby will do -- ever.

  • Will Your Tummy Go Back to Normal? 8 of 11

    They are quite concerned about how big I am getting -- I get it because sometimes I am too, but I know it's normal since I've been here before. I remind them of what I looked like before I was growing a baby and say it won't ever be perfect, but it won't be this big forever.

  • Why Do You Puke So Much? 9 of 11

    It's embarrassing, but I do puke a lot. I often have to quickly tell my kids to get off my lap and run to the bathroom -- and they know what that's all about. I have to remind them that growing a baby is hard work and it makes for some uncomfortable side effects sometimes.

  • Can the Baby Sleep With Me? 10 of 11

    My daughters are so eager to help and it's adorable to hear about now. We talk about how they won't leave their rooms and nothing will change for them. We talk that the baby will be sleeping in Mom and Dad's room, but they always ask if the baby can sleep with them instead.

  • We Won’t Have to See It, Will We? 11 of 11

    They want to hear all about labor and birth, yet want nothing to do with it in person. They ask if they can come see us in the hospital when we talk about how long I will be away, but I will be OK -- and they need reassurance they won't have to see all the things (especially the umbilical cord, which grosses my son out).

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