10 Reasons Why a Cruise is Perfect for Pregnant Women

I never considered myself the cruise “type”. Being out in the middle of the ocean on a giant ship, no land in sight? Nope, not for me. I was a jet setter! An adventurer! A lover of stationary land!

And then during my pregnancy, my mom went on a Norwegian Cruise Line vaca with my aunts down to the Bahamas. I imagined them pitter-pattering around a deck, an elderly woman playing shuffle-board in the background, a child splashing wildly in an on-board pool. I figured they were counting down the hours until they docked, where they were then herded around from one excursion to the next — always in an incredibly short time constraint that left them more stressed than relaxed.

Jealous? Pssh. I pitied them.

But then they came home with pictures and stories and adventures — all that proved my gross misconceptions. Suddenly, right in the middle of their descriptions of the food, I realized MY GOD I WANT THAT. I WANT A CRUISE RIGHT NOW. I NEED A CRUISE! That was the answer to all of my I-want-to-take-a-babymoon-but-really-don’t-want-to-plan-a-vacation dilemmas. By that point I was too far along in my pregnancy to actually travel, but learn from my mistakes! A cruise is exactly what you need.

Here are 10 reasons why a cruise is perfect for a pregnant woman such as yourself:

  • The Food 1 of 10
    The Food
    My lord the FOOD. Norwegian Cruise Lines has this thing called Freestyle Dining, where you can eat wherever you want, whenever you want — whether you're in the mood for a quick burger, a sit-down dinner, or some room service. Sign me up, PLEASE. If you want to allow yourself a little indulgence, a cruise is the place to be — although Norwegian serves plenty of healthy options with salad bars and light menu options. And if you have a craving, odds are they have it somewhere on this ship.
  • Freestyle Living 2 of 10
    Freestyle Living
    It's not just freestyle dining — it's freestyle living. You don't have to be anywhere at a specific time (unless you're off the boat, of course), which was one of my big misconceptions about cruising. Take a nap, lounge by the pool with a book, skip the excursions for your own mini-adventure (or lazy beach afternoon).
  • Stay Fit 3 of 10
    Stay Fit
    If you're committed to a fit pregnancy, keep your body moving at their 24-hour fitness centers. Norwegian even has personal training and nutrition consultation available to keep you in tip-top shape, if you so choose.
  • Get Pampered 4 of 10
    Get Pampered
    A babymoon should be all about relaxation and pampering — and a cruise ship can have some extensive spa treatments. You can even book a Spa Suite, which gives you complimentary access to supreme pampering.
  • Freestyle Entertainment 5 of 10
    Freestyle Entertainment
    Catch live shows (like the Blue Man Group on the Norwegian Epic), go bowling, or hit the casino with their many Freestyle Entertainment options — no traveling required.
  • Doctor On Board 6 of 10
    Doctor On Board
    Although Norwegian Cruise Lines specifies that all pregnant cruisers need to be before their 24th week, it's still comforting to know that there's a physician and nurse on board.
    Photo: Flickr/a.drian
  • Sea-Bands Are Safe For Pregnancy 7 of 10
    Sea-Bands Are Safe For Pregnancy
    You're less likely to get sea sick on a big boat like a cruise ship, but luckily Sea-Bands are safe during pregnancy.
  • No Planning! No Stress! 8 of 10
    No Planning! No Stress!
    This was my biggest reason for wanting to take a cruise vacation during my pregnancy. I already had enough on my plate, I didn't have the time to research local restaurants and excursions to figure out some kind of itinerary. Everything is already done on a cruise — just pack your bags and all of the food, entertainment and spas are in walking distance.
  • Easy Budgeting 9 of 10
    Easy Budgeting
    Let's be honest — you have nursery furniture, maternity clothes, and life insurance to buy. Pregnancy isn't exactly the time to start being extravagant. The cool thing about cruises is that all of the charges are already accounted for, and even the add-ons are spelled out beforehand.
  • A Variety of Destinations 10 of 10
    A Variety of Destinations
    A cruise isn't just for the Caribbean. Take a trip to Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Europe — and for as short or long as you'd like, even if it's only a quick 2-day trip. Options, people! Options!
    See all of the destination options on Norwegian Cruises.

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