Top 10 Reasons That Working with Women While Pregnant ROCKS!

working with women while pregnant

I work in an office with approximately 80 employees. Of those 80, about 70 are women. Our business is producing live events for women, so all-in-all it makes sense.

While working with mostly women has it’s challenges, there are numerous reasons on why I do love working with all women – especially when PREGNANT!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons That Working with Women While Pregnant ROCKS!

1. PEE!

When in a meeting and you have to excuse yourself to pee – they get it!

2. From Frumpy to FABULOUS!

Someone is bound to tell you how fabulous you look, even when you feel mighty frumpy.

3. Your Due When?

You are guaranteed to be asked “How far along are you?” – daily.

4. Pregnant Co-Workers

With 70 other women in the office, there is always someone pregnant with you. With this pregnancy, I have 3 others who are pregnant with me!

5. Sweets

Whenever there are cupcake or cookies – someone always saves you one.

6. Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is a trait most women just have. At least once a week, either a coupon is sitting on my desk to a baby store or a book about babies or pregnancy or an email containing great pregnancy information. Or you have a friend who gives you flax seed in a bag to help (read!). You just can’t get that if you work primarily with men!

7. Crying at Work

You can cry and not be ashamed. Even when it’s when it’s about a video you watched on YouTube.


There is always something to laugh at, even when it’s yourself. With my last pregnancy at Halloween, 2 of my co-workers dressed up as me! Sporting fake bellies and name tags (see above picture).

9. Your Questions are Answered

If you ever have a question about pregnancy, about 70% of my co-workers have had babies!

10. Women just get it.

Women need one another, especially in the workplace. The fact that I have so many of those 70 that are in my close circle makes working that much easier. Thanks co-workers!

Do You Work with All Men or All Women or a Good Mix? What is Your Experience Working While Pregnant?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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