10 Signs That the Nesting Stage of Pregnancy Has Officially Struck

A pregnant woman sits on the floor of a nursery, folding baby clothes while nesting.
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Most pregnant women talk about nesting.  It can strike at any time … or multiple times throughout pregnancy.  But it’s most likely to strike in the last weeks of pregnancy, right before baby comes.  There’s biological significance to this — a mother has a strong impulse to prepare the house, or “nest,” for the baby’s impending arrival.

Still, nesting can be rather amusing, because it sometimes leads moms to do things that they would not do otherwise.  Nesting moms are usually unable to see how irrational their behavior sometimes is, and even, in some cases, alarming!  (Just depends on what they’re doing.)  So here are 10 signs that nesting has struck!

  1. It’s 2 AM and you wake up wanting a midnight snack. While grabbing some ice cream from the freezer, you notice it’s rather disorganized … and you decide it must be cleaned right now.
  2. You suddenly notice that your toddler scrawled on the wall with crayon … last week (while you were so tired you weren’t paying attention).  That wall must be completely re-painted immediately and so must the entire room…and you are the only one who can do it the right way.
  3. When your weekly email of your baby’s progress pops up in your inbox, you start thinking about all the sweet baby pictures you’ll soon be taking.  Which reminds you that all your family photos are not organized chronologically and by category, nor in proper albums, which leads you to immediately rectify the situation.  (One woman I heard really did this…and the second she finished, her water broke!)
  4. While starting dinner one night, you suddenly realize that you will need to eat after the baby comes too.  You spend the rest of the night making five other meals and freezing them for later (and possibly run to the grocery store at 10 pm for an ingredient you need to finish this).
  5. As you walk by your closet (or wherever you keep your clothes hamper), you notice that it’s getting kind of full.  This prompts you to immediately strip all beds, gather rugs and curtains, and every bit of clothing in your home, which you proceed to launder and put away.
  6. After peeing for the fifteenth time in the last two hours, you bend down to pick up a piece of paper from the bathroom floor…and notice a small dirty spot.  You then must spend the next hour on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, scrubbing every bit of the floor, tile, toilet, and so on until it is spotless.
  7. While searching through your closet for something to wear (since nothing fits anymore), you realize you have stuff in there that’s kind of old.  This bothers you, so you must spend the next two hours completely reorganizing it.
  8. As you go to make lunch, you realize that several pantry staples are running low.  You spend the next three hours completely reorganizing your pantry and making a list of necessary pantry staples…then shopping for all of them.  (And organizing all of that when you get back home.)
  9. When you arrive home from a trip to the store, you notice that there are some cobwebs up around the light in your entry way.  You must immediately get the vacuum and a ladder and climb up clear any and all cobwebs out of the corners of your home, including storage rooms you almost never use.
  10. As you’re putting away the freshly-washed clothes in your baby’s room, you realize you do not have everything on your baby list.  Even though it is 10 PM, you must immediately run to the store and purchase every last thing for your baby, including the high chair and toddler car seat…so you are completely prepared.

Do not try to stop a nesting pregnant woman.  She does not know she is crazy!  She feels that she literally must do whatever it is that has entered her mind, and stopping her may result in tears.  This is temporary and, if it’s close to the due date, a pretty good sign that labor is right around the corner.  Besides, it may be the first really active thing she’s done in the last few weeks!  (At least if this pregnant woman is me … lol.)

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