10 Smells That Cause a Problem For My Pregnant Nose

Since I was about 5 weeks pregnant, I have been battling a big and uncomfortable case of nausea. I’d call it morning sickness except it doesn’t occur only during the morning and can be a day-long and night-long issue for me. I have been on medication since about 6 weeks in, and fortunately that has my vomiting down to only a few times a day.

The biggest challenge throughout all of this has been figuring out which foods and smells contribute to this uneasy, queasy feeling and which foods or drinks may help it go away. I have a large case of pregnancy nose and have discovered that lots of smells set off nausea for me. And although avoiding these items can be tough and sometimes impossible with children in the house and simply living in the world, I think it’s good to be aware nonetheless.

Which foods or other items have made you nauseous  during your pregnancy? Click through for 10 smells that have me bolting for the washroom!

  • 10 Smells That Cause a Problem For Me Pregnant Nose 1 of 11

    It took a while to figure them out, but once I did -- my nose was much happier.

  • Chicken; Cooked or Uncooked 2 of 11

    Chicken, cooked or uncooked is a huge offender for my nose. It has been a problem in past pregnancies so I'm not surprised it is again. It took me some time still to figure out that chicken always equals vomit.

  • Colognes and Perfumes 3 of 11

    I don't use strong perfumes past friendly-scented body lotion, but when out in public other people seem to think the stronger the better. My nose screams "NO!"

  • Cooked Beef 4 of 11

    So sad for the cheeseburger, but I can't stand the smell of cooked or cooking beef. While I can keep it outside my house, when the windows are open and the neighbors are cooking on their BBQ, it sneaks into the house anyway.

  • Peanuts and Peanut Butter 5 of 11

    It was a craving in my last pregnancy, but this time I can't deal with it. Hard because my daughter Raru is obsessed with peanut butter and won't eat anything else.

  • My Kids’ Toothpaste 6 of 11

    They love their bubblegum-flavored toothpaste, but my pregnant nose didn't care for it! I had to switch out their favorite for a nausea-friendly mint flavor. It's been much easier dealing with their complain than my nose.

  • Dish Water 7 of 11

    It doesn't matter if it's fresh dish water, old dish water or some mix in between, I can't deal with the smell of washing dishes. I'm thankful for the dishwasher and the husband who hand-washes everything else.

  • Tomato Sauce 8 of 11

    Goodbye pizza and spaghetti because my pregnant nose says a big "NO" when it comes to anything tomato-based.

  • The Fish Aisle at the Store 9 of 11

    I have to avoid a large part of the store just so that lingering smell that typically isn't bad doesn't offend my nose. I can't even imagine having to cook any fish right now.

  • Coffee 10 of 11

    Oh the humor in being so tired I can barely stay awake yet being so averted to coffee I can't have it near me. This smell is a little hard to avoid and it's been a struggle.

  • Strong-Scented Flowers and Plants 11 of 11

    There is a small garden in the front of my house with strong-smelling leaves. I had to pay my daughter to rip up all the plants and get rid of them because every time I stepped out the door, it was horrible for my nose.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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