10 Stunning Nursery Room Wall Decals

I have never really had a nursery for my kids. Part of it was the space I was living in — it made more sense to have them in my room. The other part was, I wanted them in my room to co-sleep, if not bed-share.

That’s not to say that I don’t love the idea of a gorgeously decorated nursery full of whimsical beauty. I think there are some truly amazing room decor ideas and it’s hard not to want to jump into decorating a nursery when you’re pregnant and nesting.

Everyone loves their own space and even when we have another child, while they will be in our room again for the first year to two, I don’t discount decorating a small corner in the room with their stuff.

Decorating a nursery used to mean finding the perfect color, or getting a gorgeous mural on the wall. Now, there are so many options for stunning wall decals, perfect for those who don’t have the artistic ability or patience to draw it themselves.

Check out these 10 stunning nursery wall decals that would look amazing in any baby’s nursery:

  • Stunning Nursery Room Wall Decals 1 of 11
    10 Stunning Nursery Room Wall Decals

    If you're looking for unique and stunning wall art for your baby-to-be's nursery, you must check out these amazing wall decals!

  • White Cherry Blossom 2 of 11
    White Cherry Blossom

    I have always had a thing for cherry blossoms, they are peaceful to me. This wall decal is stunning and would be amazing in a girls room. 

    Want one? Get it from Cuma on Etsy, $48

  • Jungle Wall 3 of 11
    Jungle Wall

    How cute is this? If you're wanting to decorate in a jungle theme, no need to know how to paint yourself. This adorable monkey jungle is adorable with bright colors perfect for a boy or girl.

    Want one? Get one from evgieNev on Etsy, $215

  • Owls and Birds Wall 4 of 11
    Owls and Birds Wall

    I love the whimsy in this wall decal. The bright colors and swirly trees is too adorable and perfect for the baby's room.

    Want one? Get on from ModernWalls on Etsy, $215

  • Tree Wall 5 of 11
    Tree Wall

    I love how this corner decal incorporates picture frames. It's not too "baby" with colors and can stay in place as the kid grows.

    Want one? Get one from WallDecalDepot on Etsy, $110

  • Circle Art Wall 6 of 11
    Circle Art Wall

    You may not think this immediately for a baby's nursery, but it's perfect. I love the light colors and this can stay in place for when your baby gets over.

    Want one? Get one from looksugar on Etsy, $25

  • Nature Tree Wall 7 of 11
    Nature Tree Wall

    While this one is in a living room, it would be perfect for a baby's room too. It's the opposite of the happy, bright colors, but I just love it!

    Want one? Get it from NatureStyle on Etsy, $85

  • Ladybugs Wall 8 of 11
    Ladybugs Wall

    Ladybugs are just so cute and these happy, red colors are perfect for the nursery. You can get a few or just highlight using this one, but either way -- the ladybugs will be a hit.

    Want one? Get one from graphicalinteriors on Etsy, $33

  • Forest Wall 9 of 11
    Forest Wall

    This decal would be perfect for either boy or girl room and I love how grown-up it looks. It will be loved for many years.

    Want on? Get one from WallConsilia on Etsy, $89

  • Trees and Birdhouse 10 of 11
    Trees and Birdhouse

    This wall decal comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from. The big tree, cute birds and little fence are too cute to pass up.

    Want one? Get one from Decor Your Wall on Etsy, $78

  • Jungle Babies 11 of 11
    Jungle Babies

    This is just too adorable, I don't even need to say. Cute baby jungle animlas, owls and a tree -- it's perfect.

    Want one? Get one from Wall Decal Source on Etsy, $110


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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