10 Stupid Pregnancy Songs

10 stupid pregnancy songs
10 Stupid Pregnancy Songs Cluttering the Internet

Oh YouTube, how you never seem to stop amazing me. People have a lot of time. With that time, they are creating stupid videos to populate the internet and suck up our time. Somedays, I think the internet is just a big black hole where millions of people’s time is sucked right into it.


In an effort to save you time, before you waste your time – I’ve found the 10┬áStupidest Pregnancy Songs on YouTube! So while you are anxiously awaiting to pop – what better use of your time then to check out these 10, some funny and some extremely dumb songs about having a baby.

10 Stupid Pregnancy Songs

1. I Got Pregnant

Take 3 teen (looking) girls in bikinis, joking about getting pregnant, and what do you get? This dumb video!

2. Pregnant Women are Smug

I can’t wait to read their pregnancy blogs when they get pregnant. #sarcasm

3. Bouncing in the Belly

Take off of Mama Mia – but add in bouncing in the belly – from a baby’s perspective in utero

4. Songs of Pregnancy

From Whose Line is It Anyway, Colin, Ryan, Wayne and Chip create a collection of Pregnancy Songs. Songs such as Screw Lamaze – Give Me the Epidural and Oh Placenta.

5. Mother to Be

From a mother to be’s perspective about having a baby in a week and how her life is going to change.

6. Pregnancy Song

Beautiful voice, lewd language – all performed to elegant music. Song by MUPT major Kelly Mosher, a sophomore at USM.

7. Childbirth Song

Helen Austin sings why she refuses to have another child after having her second.

8. OctoMom Song

Of course, someone created a parody about OctoMom getting pregnant with all them babies.

[yframe url=’hhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wujlieYG47s’ width=’560′ height=’349′]

9. Childbirth Comedy Show

One night in labor…

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgRFjfmPjeg’ width=’560′ height=’349′]

10. Mommy is Having a Baby

A silly children’s song about mommy having a baby.

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS0uu0oWC9A’ width=’560′ height=’349′]


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