10 Super-Cute Shopping Cart Covers (And Why You Need One!)

Yesterday, one of my worst fears came true.

Okay, I know. It could be so much worse. But there is one virus I’ve never ever wanted us to “catch.” Starting on Friday, I had 4 out of the 5 of my children at the doctor’s because they are sick, all with different things. Sadie (17 months) was diagnosed with strep, which Zoe (9) had a few weeks earlier and is still battling a sinus infection, which Kennadi (2) now has and was put on an antibiotic for, and finally McKenzie (5) has been battling an upper respiratory infection — and well, asthma makes it even worse for them all. Needless to say, it’s been a rough few days. However, just when everyone was getting better and the antibiotics kicked in, things for my sweet Kennadi went south.

Around 3 p.m. on Monday she kept pointing to her mouth and telling me her teeth were hurting. Now mind you, this kid has been drooling for weeks as she cut her two bottom K-9’s so she has since been on an antibiotic — she was visibly in pain and with the drooling, I shrugged it off as teething after putting in a call to the doctor. Big mistake. Around 11 p.m. doctor’s offices are, of course, closed and it’s the typical time where all hell breaks loose in our house. Nighttime. Kennadi was in uncontrollable pain with a fever of 103. Nothing I did made her feel better. She couldn’t swallow or eat, not even take a sip of water. Not to mention, we couldn’t even get her to take Tylenol. I knew this was way more than teething. As soon as she fell asleep she was crying through her sleep in pain. It was one of the saddest things as a mother I have witnessed my child going through. So I called the doctor first thing that following morning. Diagnosis: Hand-foot-and-mouth Disease.

I wanted to cry. Our doctor warned us that the pain would only get worse before it got better and that it was indeed excruciating. My poor gal was already in such horrible pain so I was already stressed over it. Right away I was like OMG. How did she even get that? She doesn’t go to daycare. This is a common viral illness that most get when they are in daycare and there is some sort of outbreak. However, like many illness, it’s caused from person-to-person contact, i.e. you cough on me or sneeze with your germs. Another HUGE way to pick up this type of virus: shopping carts. Yes, shopping carts.

With this said, I will be buying a shopping cart cover. I am not going to lie. I always looked at those things and thought oh, it’s just another thing to carry in my already-filled-to-the-brim bag, but now I promise to never roll my eyes again when I see them in public because I am becoming a total germaphobe. I’ve always not be a fan of germs. Lysol, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizers — they’ve all become my BFFs. But now, after seeing my poor little suffer so much from one virus, I will do anything I can to protect her and purchasing a shopping cart cover is definitely on my “must-do now” list. Of course, I’ve already shopped around.

After the jump, browse 10 super-cute and fun shopping cart covers you must-have to keep your little, germ-free and well, a stylish shopper.

  • Bold, Bright Colors 1 of 10
    A beautiful boutique cover made with designer fabric is not just for shopping carts, but high chairs and park swings, too! Gotta keep those unknown germs away.
    Get it on Etsy
  • Trendy! 2 of 10
    Isn't this one so pretty? The ikat blue pattern shouts "Look at me!"
    Buy it from Rosenberry Rooms
  • DIY Shopping Cart Cover 3 of 10
    Crafty? Make one yourself with this easy tutorial. They make great gifts, too!
    Check out the tutorial on Lil Blue Boo
  • Very Mod 4 of 10
    I love the mosaic design and the brow, blue and orange hues of this warm and cozy shopping cart cover. The perfect cover for all those germy areas!
    Buy it from Rosenberry Rooms
  • Handmade Shopping Cart Cover 5 of 10
    It may be handmade but it's professionally sewn and has just the right amount of padding; soft to the touch. I like that it isn't too overwhelming and bulky like some; you can easily carry it and store it, too. Plus, it has an attachable pillow for the little ones that get tired. It can be attached to the two toy loops included on the design. Oh, and did I mention it's reversible and has a pocket, too? Perfect for your cell phone.
    Buy it from Tinder Designs
  • Easy to Use 6 of 10
    This trusted brand offers an easy to use shopping cart cover that stretches across the cart with a Velcro strap closure that secures to cart. It is built-in a compact pouch that you can easily toss in your diaper bag or hang on your stroller.
    Buy it from Toys 'R' Us by Skip Hop
  • Perfect for Double Shopping Carts Too! 7 of 10
    Make it a germ-free zone with a clean environment in a super cute and fun pattern! I love this circle print, perfect for the little man in your life. It comes in eight different fun and modern prints to choose from. The design cover for both high chair and shopping carts fits both double and single strollers. Just think, those double warehouse carts. Yep, it fits! It comes with two toy loops, pockets and a safety belt; plus it's reversible!
    Buy it from Itzy Ritzy
  • One Cover, Three Ways! 8 of 10
    From one of my favorite brands, the convertible cart cover can be used in three ways: shopping cart seats, high chairs when your on-the-go, and a mat for tummy time to play at home. It has three large storage pockets and three loops for attaching your children's favorite toys, too! I love how it easily rolls up for storage and portability. Machine washable.
    Buy it from Bright Starts
  • Machine Washable, Always a Plus 9 of 10
    What makes this cover different than all the rest? It features an exclusive SlideLine system to keep toys off the ground and within reach and a plus crinkle toy is included. The cover, which is machine washable gives your kids the full coverage and germ protection they need.
    Buy it from Boppy
  • Oh So Stylish 10 of 10
    It's all about style. The reversible shopping cart cover is all about safety and comfort. The wipe-able nylon fabric is a huge plus for any mom. And it's reversible to the black and white print on the other side. Get the perfect padded support and germ protection while being able to carry it in an easy to grab on the run in it's own compact storage. What's not to love?
    Buy it from Layla Grayce

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