10 Symptoms I’m Experiencing in the Third Trimester

I am in the countdown zone getting ready for baby’s arrival. I can’t believe that in about 8 weeks, I will have a little one in my arms. After all the losses and infertility, I was worried it would never come, but am so thankful baby boy is growing well and my body is doing what it should to help him grow to a healthy size.

I haven’t had the easiest of pregnancies so far, but I wan’t expecting to. If I had to compare this one to my previous full-term pregnancies, I would say this was the most challenging one. From symptoms that never went away as expected, to kidney issues, and concerns about the health of the baby and pregnancy, I have had a lot more challenges that I didn’t expect, but am getting through.

Now that I’m in the third trimester, there are some symptoms I am experiencing that I’ve had this whole pregnancy and others that are new to this trimester. If you’re heading into the third trimester soon, here’s a heads up on what you may expect.

Click through and read 10 symptoms I am experiencing now that I am in the third trimester:

  • Symptoms in the Third Trimester 1 of 11

    Some have never gone away and some are new this trimester. 

  • Nausea and Vomiting 2 of 11

    It's never gone away for me and so I am not surprised it's still here. The tricky part of this now in the third trimester is that there is even less room in my stomach to hold on to food so I have to be extra careful about what and how much I eat.

  • Heartburn 3 of 11

    Hello, horrible heartburn! I had it a bit in the second trimester and now that I am in the third, it's amplified and seems to be present all the time.

  • Shortness of Breath 4 of 11

    Oh, nothing makes me feel more healthy than walking up the stairs and being totally winded (sarcasm!). I know it's from the baby and organs moving up and compressing my lungs, but wow — it's not that fun.

  • Fatigue 5 of 11

    I've been so tired ! I still never had that burst of energy and am now certain it's not going to come.

  • Tarsal Tunnel 6 of 11

    You've heard of carpal tunnel, right? Where your hands become mean and ache and tingle? Yeah, I have that in my feet and it's so painful.

  • Achy Hips 7 of 11

    All that weight on my hips from the baby and the strange center of gravity is taking it's toll on my hips. By the end of the day they ache so bad, it's not cool.

  • Nesting 8 of 11

    I am feeling that urge to nest and get things ready. Since we won't be having nursery, I've been focusing my "energy" on re-doing my older kids' bedrooms.

  • Bathroom Breaks 9 of 11

    I have to wake up a few times in the middle of the night to go to the washroom — a "perk "of the third trimester and the baby being so big.

  • Braxton Hicks 10 of 11

    Those "fake" contractions come a lot for me and it's a big reminder that I need to get off my feet and relax a bit. They're getting far more noticeable now.

  • Insomnia 11 of 11

    I am so tired at the end of the day. Well, really it's more like early in the evening when I feel like I'm ready for bed. However, when head hits pillow, I have a hard time sleeping. Not only do I think about too many things, I can't get comfortable and so I lay there, staring at the ceiling.

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