10 Things Couples Should Know Before Having a Baby

having a baby

I know. I KNOW. You look at the sweet picture of the baby and you think I WANT THAT. Your hormones are in overdrive screaming, fill my womb!

True that. BUT let’s get real.

Just like marriage where LOVE is involved, so is fighting and arguing and finances. Having a baby isn’t all rainbows and unicorns people.

Before you run out and start getting your unprotected humping on… here are 10 things couples should know before having a baby:

1. When people say that after having a baby you don’t get sleep – you seriously don’t get sleep! They are NOT kidding.
2. The “help” you think you will get, isn’t guaranteed.
3. As much as Grandma wants a grand child – Grandma isn’t paying for that baby.
4. Your date nights will turn into nights without kids in which you spend the whole evening talking about your kids.
5. After you have 1 kid – sex, is never the same, the next year you spend in fear of another pregnancy.
6. That cute little girl you have always dreamed of having, well 50% chance is that it’s a boy.
7. Remember how you laughed at all those moms driving the mini-vans around town? Soon you will see why the magic doors that open by themselves are indeed magic..
8. Think that other people are bad parents and don’t know how to raise their kids?  You’ll be judged just the same, no matter how hard you try to be a good parent.
9. Pre-pregnancy size is a myth (okay, ALMOST a myth).
10. Babies seriously are the greatest thing ever. And if 1-9 scares you, don’t let it. Babies are worth it ALL. Yes, your life will forever change. One word comes to mind – PURPOSE.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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