10 Things I Hate About Trying To Conceive

I am used to the whole “trying to conceive” journey. If I could have life the way that I wanted, I would be one of those people who just accidentally or easily became pregnant when open to the idea of it — not having to do much planning or worrying and not stressing about the specifics of trying to conceive.

That’s not the case for me; with our history, if we want to have a healthy pregnancy we have to be very careful and very diligent in our planning. Accidental or surprise pregnancies will nearly always end in miscarriage for us. This means full on trying to conceive plans — the basal body temping, doing the deed around ovulation, and watching for all early signs of pregnancy. I have to be on medication right after possible implantation, so it’s tricky for us.

I don’t want to sound like I am complaining too much because yes, I am very thankful that we’ve been able to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have our beautiful children — but it’s not all fun.  Click through to read the 10 things I hate about trying to make a baby:

  • The Two Week Wait 1 of 10
    The Two Week Wait
    That terrible LOOOONG time between ovulation and your test date (also called the luteal phase). It sucks and the anxieties and wonders run crazy during this time.
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  • Taking Daily Temperature 2 of 10
    Taking Daily Temperature
    Making sure you get the right amount of sleep (at least 4 hours uninterrupted) and taking your temperature (orally or vaginally) every morning at the exact same time before even sitting up -- not always the best way to start the day.
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  • Chore Sex 3 of 10
    Chore Sex
    Sounds like it should be fun -- sex is always good, right? Not so much when it's planned, in the calendar and kind of forced for a few days in a row.
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  • Obsessing Over Triphasic, Dip, Ovulation Patterns 4 of 10
    Obsessing Over Triphasic, Dip, Ovulation Patterns
    Who knew someone could be so obsessed with numbers and charts and analyzing? The checking and over checking and wondering if this could be triphaisic or implantation dip.
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  • Wonder About Every Pang 5 of 10
    Wonder About Every Pang
    Catching ovulation before it happens is kind of a big deal when trying to conceive. We become very in-tune with our body and wonder if that pang we just felt was an egg being released
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  • PMS or Pregnant? 6 of 10
    PMS or Pregnant?
    I still don't get why they have to be so similar. It's frustrating to anyone who wants to be pregnant and to those who hope to not be pregnant.
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  • Spending Money On Tests 7 of 10
    Spending Money On Tests
    Taking pregnancy tests is lame. When trying to conceive we almost always test early, you know, just in case.
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  • Afraid To Do Things In Case 8 of 10
    Afraid To Do Things In Case
    All those things you can't really do when pregnant -- you worry about even more when you're trying to conceive. Want a beer? Hmm, how many days past ovulation am I? could I have implanted already?
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  • Checking Toilet Paper 9 of 10
    Checking Toilet Paper
    Cervical mucus -- ew right? When trying to make a baby, we may find ourselves checking the toilet paper after every trip. Looking for signs of fertile mucus, implantation spotting or our period starting.
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  • The WORRYING 10 of 10
    It's the worst. Wondering if it will happen, if it will happen soon. Will something go wrong if it does happen? It's stressful and then you worry about the stress hindering conception.
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