10 Things During Pregnancy That Are Easier Said Than Done

When you think about how long you’re pregnant, 40-42 weeks sounds like a lifetime. During your first trimester, you feel like time is standing still as you wait to experience the more exciting things about pregnancy (like the baby moving instead of the enduring nausea) and naturally, we start to make bucket lists for our pregnancies.

I am the same way. I have a specific idea of how I would like this next — and potentially last — pregnancy to go. It’s taken me longer than I hoped to get here, so I want to make sure I enjoy and embrace all that carrying and growing a human inside your body can bring. I’ve spent time daydreaming about what I’d define as the perfect pregnancy, and I’ve made a list to go along with my imagination. But the more I stare at that list, the more I’m coming to terms to the fact that it will be tough to follow.

Even though I fully intend to complete it, chances are that I won’t!

Here are 10 things during pregnancy that are easier said than done:

  • 10 Things I Want to do This Pregnancy, But Probably Won’t 1 of 11

    I have the best intentions, but I'm also a realist. 

  • Exercise 2 of 11

    I started off on the right foot, then fatigue got in the way and I am not sure I will find my way back to a full routine.

  • Get All Things Done Before Baby Arrives 3 of 11

    Ideally, I would love to have the house organized and all the things we need for the new baby cleaned and set up. Chances are I will be scrambling when we get the induction date or after the baby is already here.

  • Not Sweat the Comments 4 of 11

    People say strange things to pregnant woman and I have vowed not to let it all get to me, but I'm already seeing come questionable comments. I do not know how this will go.

  • Gain An Appropriate Amount of Weight 5 of 11

    I have had trouble in past pregnancies gaining enough weight, which leads to non-stress tests and biophysical ultrasounds. I am hoping not to gain too little or too much, but I will take what I can get.

  • Do A Fancy Scrapbook 6 of 11

    I have one for each of my two older children. I have one half done for my youngest so, while I would love to have one for this baby, chances are looking slim.

  • Eat Healthy 7 of 11

    I really do want to make sure I do not put too much crap food into my body, but at this stage, I will take what ever does not come straight back up. Right now, that is french fries and not apples.

  • Be Fashionable In Maternity Clothes 8 of 11

    There are some pretty chic maternity clothes available to wear and while I really do hope to have some form of fashion, leggings and yoga pants are just so much more comfortable.

  • Not Freak Out 9 of 11

    I get a lot of anxiety in pregnancy, which stems from my multiple miscarriages. While I hope not to freak out too much, I have a feeling it is bound to happen once or twice.

  • Not Complain Too Much 10 of 11

    I have waited so long and fought hard to get pregnant and as much as I would love to soak all of it in and embrace everyday, I am bound to complain here and there. It is just real and well, this puking really needs to slow down already.

  • Take Weekly Belly Photos 11 of 11

    I really do want to do this since there is a big chance that this will be my last pregnancy. I have not taken one yet though and the first trimester is pretty near over. It is not looking too promising.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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