10 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

Do you ever miss being pregnant?

It is no secret that I miss being pregnant. Pregnancy has been one of the most remarkable times in my life – there really is nothing like it.  On top of the crazy baby fever I have I want to experience pregnancy again – just one more time.

Though pregnancy is not always easy and certainly includes some things that I don’t miss about the experience – there is a lot that I do miss.  I know that missing the feelings of pregnancy is no reason to add to our family – so my baby fever does go deeper then that, but pregnancy – yeah I miss it.

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  • Picking out newborn outfits 1 of 10
    Picking out newborn outfits
    Walking through the store aisles or browsing online for the perfect take-home-the-baby outfit.
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  • Feeling the baby move for the first time 2 of 10
    Feeling the baby move for the first time
    There really is nothing like the first time you feel your baby move. The "wait was that just gas" question and then realizing that was the baby.
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  • Getting to eat anything nearly guilt-free 3 of 10
    Getting to eat anything nearly guilt-free
    What other time in my life am I justified in eating at 2am?
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  • Seeing my stomach move with every kick 4 of 10
    Seeing my stomach move with every kick
    Like an alien in my stomach but this has to be one of the coolest things about pregnancy.
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  • Talking boy? Girl? and names 5 of 10
    Talking boy? Girl? and names
    Having the discussions over if we should find out the genger early, if we think it will be a boy or a girl and choosing the name they will have forever.
  • Feeling special 6 of 10
    Feeling special
    Walking around on with a big pregnant stomach gets you some privileges. People moving for me on the bus, holding the door open and general happiness.
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  • Watching my belly grow 7 of 10
    Watching my belly grow
    Going from having a generally flat stomach (minus evidence of previous pregnancies) to full on basketball under the shirt look is insane to watch
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  • Fuller, Rounder & Perkier 8 of 10
    Fuller, Rounder & Perkier
    Pregnancy is kind to my breasts. It fills them out and (in my opinion) are the best they ever look
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  • Getting to dress in fun clothes 9 of 10
    Getting to dress in fun clothes
    Call me crazy but I love maternity clothes. I love being able to accentuate my stomach and I never feel prettier or sexier then with a baby bump
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  • Others feeling the baby move 10 of 10
    Others feeling the baby move
    When I reach that point of pregnancy where my husband can feel the baby move is so cool. I love having his hand on my stomach bonding with the baby.
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:: What is your favourite part of pregnancy? What do you/will you miss the most?::

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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