10 Things I Want to Do Before Getting Pregnant

That’s an ultrasound photo of my son from about 3 years ago. THREE YEARS. How did that happen? And yes, it’s time for another one.

This adorable fuzzy-looking fetus was not planned, to say the least. One of the biggest — and best — surprises of my life. So when my mother handed me the newest What To Expect book and I flipped through the first chapter — 13 pages of things to do BEFORE you get pregnant — I started freaking out. I hadn’t done a single one. I already felt like a failure.

And you know what, we were fine.

But now that I have the luxury of actually planning for a pregnancy — and the knowledge of what a pregnancy is actually like — here are 10 things I want to do before I get pregnant. Did I miss anything?

  • Get Health Insurance 1 of 15
    Get Health Insurance
    Step 1, right? Considering I work for myself, I'm currently comparing premiums/deductibes/co-insurance rates to find the best option BEFORE I get pregnant.
  • Get a Check-Up 2 of 15
    Get a Check-Up
    Once I finally land some health insurance (and stop hyperventilating at my new monthly payments), it would be nice to know I don't need antibiotics or dental work before getting pregnant.
  • Eat Healthier 3 of 15
    Eat Healthier
    My pre-baby self would never imagine this to be on the list, only because I was such a huge health nut. But now that I have a toddler boy with an insatiable appetite, I find myself saving all of the fruits and veggies for him, while I munch on whatever will fill my tummy. I need to start making myself a priority.
  • Sleep More 4 of 15
    Sleep More
    ...Speaking of making myself a priority: My toddler has been sleeping through the night for what feels like forever, yet I'm still working on 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night -- typically because I have to work while he sleeps. So a new work/nursery school schedule is in order. I should be sleeping while I can!
  • Exercise More 5 of 15
    Exercise More
    And when I say more, I mean AT ALL. I used to hit the gym daily before conceiving my little one, and then I was still exercising up until I was 8 months pregnant. But after he was born? I haven't done a single crunch, a single jog, a single ANYTHING. And I'd love to fit exercise into my routine during this next pregnancy.
  • Sleep On My Stomach 6 of 15
    Sleep On My Stomach
    As well as do cartwheels, back bends, and all of the other things you realize you can't do for the next 9 months.
  • Plan a Getaway 7 of 15
    Plan a Getaway
    My husband and I haven't been on a vacation in 5 years, so we figure we might as well fit one in now while it's a little easier.
  • Feel Sexy 8 of 15
    Feel Sexy
    I'd love to take advantage of my flat tummy and thin frame while I can -- meaning more date night dresses and sexy lingerie. And pictures to remember.
  • Photos of Our 3-Person Family 9 of 15
    Photos of Our 3-Person Family
    This picture was taken last Halloween, which is pretty much the last picture of the 3 of us. I really need to start documenting and appreciating this sweet 3-person time in our lives.
  • Track My Monthly Cycle 10 of 15
    Track My Monthly Cycle
    Ever since I had my IUD put in, I completely don't pay attention to my menstrual cycle. And if I'm going to try and get pregnant, I should be paying attention to my ovulation time.
  • Wear Heels 11 of 15
    Wear Heels
    Of course it's more difficult to chase a toddler around in heels, but it's even more difficult chasing a toddler WHILE PREGNANT in heels. Or wearing heels while chasing a toddler and holding an infant. Maybe I'll just start wearing heels around the house until I'm totally sick of them.
  • Take Folic Acid 12 of 15
    Take Folic Acid
    I was never good with prenatal vitamins the first time around, but considering my recent nutritional slacking, it can't hurt.
  • Get Organized 13 of 15
    Get Organized
    The closet that needs cleaning, the bills that need organizing, the baby album that's still half-filled -- I'd like to get these minor annoyances out of the way now while I (sort of) have the time.
  • Beauty Basics 14 of 15
    Beauty Basics
    I tend to take the minimalist approach during pregnancy, eliminating as many chemicals and unknown ingredients as possible, including from my beauty stash. I might as well take advantage of the chemical-filled masks and hair treatments while I can.
  • Have My IUD Removed 15 of 15
    Have My IUD Removed
    ...and then do this thing.

What do you recommend I do before getting pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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